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Integration Of Technology


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Integration Of Technology

  1. 1. Integration of Technology<br />The curriculum at St. Helen Elementary matches interactive lessons and activities to correlated standards through the use of technology. This curriculum is in alignment with the Michigan educational technology standards. <br />Curriculum Integration<br />- Students will utilize available technology to access the Internet, research, databases, and district software to enhance classroom instruction that leads to overall performance<br />improvement in English/Language Arts, mathematics, science and social studies to<br />ensure that adequate yearly progress is achieved.<br />- Staff will utilize technology to conduct research, access databases, link curriculum<br />objectives with lesson plans and activities , and record and assess student<br />performance, United Streaming videos, Exam View, TestWiz<br />- Staff will utilize existing software, and Internet services to assess student achievement<br />in ELA, mathematics, science and social studies and technology Accelerated Reader NWEA Math, and Dibels to ensure that adequate yearly progress is achieved.<br />- The staff will implement the district technology framework, modeled after the State and<br />national guidelines, as identified by grade level.<br />- Teachers will utilize software provided with texts and available on the Internet to<br />integrate technology lessons into each curricular area, and use electronic report cards to report progress.<br />Student Achievement<br />- The District has implemented NWEA assessment testing to utilize technology to record<br />and report student achievement.<br />- Teachers will utilize web based My-Access Writing data base to identify best practices for their classroom that will improve MEAP performance and overall student achievement.<br />Integration of Technology<br />The following chart depicts how technology will be integrated into the<br />curriculum to enhance teaching, training and student achievement:<br />ActionAssigned To:Start Date:Due Date:Assessment Monitor ongoing assessment of GHSD grade level technology exit level outcomes.Tech. Team6/2008OngoingEvaluateAnnually, usesurveyTrainteachers to make use oftechnologies that enable them toenhance learning opportunities forstudentsCurriculum Director and Tech. Team9/20088/2011TeacherEvaluationsand TeachersurveysProvide resources and support sothat every teacher uses technologyin daily instructionCurriculumDirector andBoard Budget6/2008OngoingAdoptedBudget,teacher surveyAddress technology use andselection of software in allcurricular reviews and revisionsCurriculumDirector andCurriculum Teams 6/2008OngoingInclusion inadoptedcurricularreview areaContinue to provide Internet access,within CIPA guidelines, to studentsand staff.TechCommittee/Admin6/2008OngoingOngoing<br />6<br />