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H Qprofstaff


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H Qprofstaff

  1. 1. 3. INTRUCTION BY HIGHLY QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL STAFF: <br />St. Helen Elementary School prides itself on its exemplary Staff. Al teachers at St. Helen Elementary School are Highly Qualified Teachers. The Board of Education Office is responsible for maintaining and housing teacher certifications and files. All St. Helen Elementary Teachers are Highly Qualified under the NLCB Act. The staff possesses a Bachelor’s Degree and full state certification. In addition, staff meet the criteria for at least one of the following: Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (M.T.T.C.), Master’s Degrees and Post Graduate studies and certifications. St. Helen Elementary utilizes instructional paraprofessionals. These paraprofessionals are highly qualified and meet the NLCB requirements through completion of the Work Keys Certification Program.<br />Word Doc. - HQprofstaff<br />