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Partnering with Public Libraries - A Presentation at Future Teach 2012


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A presentation for public school teachers and media specialists which explains how forming partnerships with public libraries can help them alleviate the pain of shrinking budgets.

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Partnering with Public Libraries - A Presentation at Future Teach 2012

  2. 2. What We’re Going to Talk About  What is accessible to teachers inside their schools from the public library  Licensing differences between NC Live and NC Wise OWL  Teaching information literacy  Getting more help from your local library  #nccufutureteach
  3. 3. Situation  Schools have much less money  Resources besides the internet have become more scarce  More print resources are switching towards internet access only  Information literacy has changed
  4. 4. Information Literacy  Conveying difficult intellectual property concepts  Illustrating the difference between a website and a subscription database  The pluses and minuses of crowd-sourced information (Wikipedia)
  5. 5. Public Libraries  Most reference books in the library’s collection have already moved online  Content may come from the state or locally  NC Live and NC Wise OWL have different resources  You and your students can still access NC Live databases from inside your school
  6. 6. NC Live Do Not Use the Quick Search Authority control differs by vendor* Get help, don’t guess *Each database provider describes their content differently
  7. 7. Learning Express  EOG practice exams with evaluations  Math, reading, writing, etc. help for those who need additional practice and feedback  Online SAT and ACT classes and practice exams  Vocational exams  PRAXIS  Computer classes online
  8. 8. Things You Can Do  Ask for a library card drive at your school  Ask for a librarian to come in and show a certain resource, or give suggestions  Give feedback on the databases that your library system purchases!  Let librarians know about assignments
  9. 9. Things Which May Be Available  Institutional Cards  Student Cards  ESOL practice online  Foreign language classes online  Entrepreneurial resources  Grant resources  Specialized subjects – Art history, auto repair, etc.  True ebooks for different ages
  10. 10. Contact me with your questions   @kmakens  Get the slides and see other presentations here: