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Outreach 2.0: ALA Gaming in Libraries Symposium 2008


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This presentation gives an overview of a program that taught teens how to make their own video games and then examines the potential to use those games as marketing tools.

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Outreach 2.0: ALA Gaming in Libraries Symposium 2008

  1. 1. Outreach 2.0 Using Games to Teach and Inspire
  2. 2. What We Are Going to Cover What Does Outreach 2.0 Mean? Examples of Current Gaming Outreach Outreach Potential of User Created Games in Libraries Things You Can Do in Your Library
  3. 3. Web 1.0 and Library 1.0 We Make Content Which a Passive Audience Gobbles Up
  4. 4. Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 Content is Collaborative Everyone Creates and Consumes
  5. 5. Outreach 2.0 Marketing and Library Instruction May be More Effective if It Comes from Peers
  6. 6. Online Games to Teach and Advertise Fun! Students with certain learning styles will retain the information better Advertises services and teaches concepts to patrons who primarily use the library website to interact with the library
  7. 7. Carnegie Mellon University  Teach students how to shelve  Avoids using valuable staff time for teaching the same thing over and over  Easy to evaluate student pages’ understanding of Library of Congress  Teach reference  Shows what is actually involved with working at a reference desk
  8. 8. Orange County Library Using a Game to Advertise Services  Traditional arcade style shooting game with anthropomorphic orange  Shows the player the different types of gaming materials available at the library  May not teach anyone anything, but shows good will and advertises services
  9. 9. Global Kids Online Leadership Playing 4 Keeps Ayiti: The Cost of Life For More Information: Contact Meghan Deana at
  10. 10. Common Game Design Software Used for Teen Programs Gamemaker Youth Digital Arts Cyberschool Scratch
  11. 11. Use These Now Talented Game Program Attendees Proof of Concept (Rough Draft) by thirteen year old for Durham County Library using Multimedia Fusion 2 with tutorials through YDACS
  12. 12. IT or Admin Won’t Let Me Do Squat  If You Can’t Install Software on Your Computers and/or Can’t Have a Program – use a Social Software Like PMOG  Completely Web Based  Requires Almost Zero Technical Knowledge
  13. 13. For More Information  Further Reading:  “Gaming 2.0” Katherine Makens. Young Adult Library Services; Summer 2007; 5, 4; Research Library Core,pg. 27 %27%20YALSA%20Summer%20Newsletter %20article.pdf  To contact me on PMOG – username is bozette  Email