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Globalizing the common core standards in the


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Globalizing the CCSS through globalizing the texts

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Globalizing the common core standards in the

  1. 1. Possibilities and challenges Kathy G. Short University of Arizona
  2. 2.  Investigate the world Recognize perspectives Communicate ideas Take action – missing from the CCSS  We need to prepare kids for life and the world as well as for college and career
  3. 3.  CCSS focus on engaging in close reading of texts and in examining the author’s point of view Reader response – Missing from CCSS • Personal connection/response is the first step – necessary but not sufficient. • Personal response + textual analysis  Analyze text AND analyze your connections and point of view and your cultural lens
  4. 4.  Focus on building a strong knowledge of global issues and cultures, learn how to evaluate and compare sources of information. Involve a move beyond just collecting facts CCSS do not recognize the contribution of narrative and story to global perspectives • Takes reader beyond the surface of culture to the deep values, beliefs, and actions – immerses readers in how people live and think
  5. 5.  Provide examples of text complexity • Qualitative, quantitative, and reader/task Focus on classics • Not culturally or globally diverse • Language and text structures tend to be formal and archaic Need to diversify the exemplar text lists • Multicultural and global cultures • Contemporary culture
  6. 6. C CCSS Exemplars Other possible texts
  7. 7.  CCSS ExemplarsOther possible texts
  8. 8. CCSS Exemplar texts Other possible texts
  9. 9.  CCSS Exemplar textsOther possible texts
  10. 10.  CCSS emphasizes the need to • Integrate knowledge and ideas by reading across texts • Encourage comprehension and collaborationPairing texts provides a way to globalize the text analysis and collaborative conversations – Pair a global book with another text
  11. 11.  Book lists, searchable data base, on-line journal of teacher vignettes, on-line journal of critical reviews of children’s and adolescent literature Will post lists of books that provide a more global focus and meet the text complexity levels on the web site in Fall 2012.