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Globalizing the CCSS - Amy


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Classroom example of globalizing the CCSS through literature

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Globalizing the CCSS - Amy

  1. 1. Global Literacy and the Common Core StandardsUsing meaningful texts in a 5th grade Language Arts Classroom Amy Gaddes, M.Ed.
  2. 2. Choose your texts carefully, with yourstudent’s needs andexperiences in mind.
  3. 3. Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai
  4. 4. Consider the‘staircase of text complexity’… …but don’t lose sight of your student’saccessibility tothe target text.
  5. 5. Align with district’s emphasis:“close reading…withtext-based answers. (Shift 4)
  6. 6. Ask yourself: “Whatstandards are at work?” W.5.3.b.Use narrative techniques such as dialogue…to develop experiences, events or characters.
  7. 7. Reading Standards for Literature RL.5.10 Read and comprehendliterature…in the grade text complexity band proficiently, withscaffolding as needed…
  8. 8. Written Conversations
  9. 9. Ernie: “Há, can you tell me how you felt while you were on the ship?”Há: “ Sure…when I was on the ship I felt like everyone waslooking at me and sad because my home was destroyed.”
  10. 10. Ernie: I’m so sorry youhad to lose your home. I was in the airport[coming to America] and I also felt that everyone was looking at me and I feltsad that I was leaving my home.”
  11. 11. We uncovered the universality of humanistic themes that can be explored globally or locally. “…I can relate to Há being sadbecause I had to leave a lot of stuffbehind to go someplace better…”
  12. 12. Reader’s theatreStudents were invited to reenact anyscene from the book. Their rationale for scene selection was powerful!
  13. 13. One chosen poem…
  14. 14. Speaking and Listening Standard: SL.5.2.a. Interpret information presented…and explain how it contributes to a topic, text, or issue under study.Use their experience….culture…. to think analytically…
  15. 15. Cultural validation occurredas one student understood the setting’s proximity to his home country, the Philippines.
  16. 16. We gave voice and socialcredibility to our English Language Learners.
  17. 17. This reinforced my rationale for choosing this text as I worked through my ownlearning curve regarding the CCLS.