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Building your global library


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Resources for globalizing your children's and adolescent literature to address issues of availability, authenticity, and access

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Building your global library

  1. 1. Build YourSchool’sGlobalLibrary Kathy G. Short University of Arizona Worlds of Words
  2. 2. Why is Global Literature Significant? Insights into how people live, feel and think around the world Develop emotional connections and empathy as well as knowledge Come to know own home culture and world beyond home Recognize common values shared across cultures as well as unique differences of each culture See how people of world view themselves, not just how we view them
  3. 3. Story as Meaning-Making Story is how we make sense of our experiences Narrative is a primary act of mind Our world view is a web of interconnected stories Scientific theories are just bigger stories The ways in which we story are culturally- based.
  4. 4. Say Something Two people share the reading of a text One person begins reading aloud and reads for several paragraphs until that person comes to a good stopping point. Each person SAYS SOMETHING  A connection, question, comment, or prediction. The second person reads aloud the next section and then stops for both to say something.
  5. 5. What is an international book? Originallypublished in another country for children of that country and later republished in the U.S. Books set in world cultures, written and published in the U.S
  6. 6. Availability of Multicultural/Global Literature 2011 2010 2009 2008 Af/Af-A 123/79 156/102 157/83 172/85 Am Ind 28/12 22/9 33/12 40/9 As/Pac 91/76 64/60 80/67 98/77 Am Latino 58/52 66/55 61/60 79/48Out of 3400-3500 books per year
  7. 7. Availability
  8. 8. Insiders to the culture who reside in that culture and write for children of that culture Batchelder Award/ALA  Kane/Miller
  9. 9. Translated Books
  10. 10. Insiders to the Culture Who Reside in the U.S. and Home Country
  11. 11. Immigrants to the U.S.
  12. 12. U.S. Authors who Write from Family Heritage
  13. 13. Authors/Illustrators who SpendSignificant Time within a Culture
  14. 14. Authors Who Research a Culture
  15. 15. Authors who Collaborate with an Insider
  16. 16. Books written andpublished within a specific culture
  17. 17. x Building Bridges Through Children’s and Young Adult Books xOutstanding International Books usbby.orgInternational Board of Books for Young People ---
  18. 18. Notable Books for a Global Society International Reading Association
  19. 19. International Children’s Digital Library
  20. 20. Data Bases Children’sLiterature Comprehensive Data base – requires a subscription Titlewave – Follett – free to school librarians
  21. 21. Worlds of Words – WOW Books – book search Author’s Corner My Take/Your Take WOW Currents
  22. 22. Accuracy, Authenticity, and RepresentationExtent to which a book reflects beliefs and values of a cultural group and depicts accurate details of everyday life and language for that group • Diversity within any cultural group • Readers from within are able to feel affirmed that what are reading rings true – “you know it when you see it.” • Readers from another culture are able to identify and learn something of value about cultural similarities and differences
  23. 23. Accuracy Details of everyday life and language
  24. 24. Authenticity Reflects the core values at the heart of the culture. Believability – acts and thinks in a way that is viewed as possible by insiders
  25. 25. Representation The relationship of an individual book to images of a specific culture within a collection of children’s books and society  Having few available images overemphasizes those that are present  Over-representation of a particular theme or image  Power relationships -- who solves the problem  Perspectives and audience
  26. 26. WOW Review Critical book reviews that focus on cultural authenticity, accuracy, and representation Provides background info on author and illustrator Suggestions of related texts
  27. 27. Access for StudentsEngaging students with global literature can be difficult because of : Unfamiliar stylistic devices and terms Experiences and settings far removed from children’s lives Struggle to make connections to go beyond viewing global cultures as strange or exotic Adopting strategies that are tangential or in opposition to global understandings
  28. 28. WOW Stories Publish vignettes from classroom teachers and librarians on their use of global literature with students Global Literacy Communities Resources  Language and Culture Book Kits  Family Story Backpacks  Cultural Community Back packs  CREATE –
  29. 29. Paired Books
  30. 30. wowlit.orgWOWReviewsWOWStories