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Mindful agile leadership


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What is Mindful Agile Leadership? It’s the perfect balance of 3 essential elements: Agile Mindset; Mindfulness and Servant Leadership.
These 3 pillars of mindful agile leadership are equally important. Just like the legs of a stool, they provide a stable base encompassing the qualities of all 3 elements. This enables leaders to build a truly agile culture and positive team environment and be a more effective and authentic agile leader.

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Mindful agile leadership

  1. 1. Kathy G. Berkidge
  2. 2. What is Mindfulness? Deliberate attention Being open and present – nothing else Awareness Without judgement or perceptions
  3. 3. How? Informal practice  Just breathe  Clear your mind  Recall and focus Formal practice  Meditation
  4. 4. Let’s try it! Sit comfortably Rest hands on lap Close eyes Clear your mind Focus on your breath Don’t follow thoughts If distracted or your mind wonders – gently come back to the breath
  5. 5. Agile Mindset attitude and approach to work collaborative, adaptable, open to change, value focused continuous learning and growth.
  6. 6. Mindfulness complete awareness non-judgmental objectivity deliberate observation openness to whatever unfolds in the present.
  7. 7. Servant Leadership service to others development of others empowering teams sharing power enabling performance
  8. 8. Leadership Challenges Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Confucius
  9. 9. Stress Timeline Before During After Worrying Anticipating Dreading Scenarios Distracted Thinking Reactions Distant Replaying Ruminating Critising Over analysing Stress Cycle
  10. 10. With Mindfulness Stressless Timeline With Mindfulness After Optimism Acceptance Let go No Stress Cycle Before Planning Preparation Peace of mind During Presence Response Awareness
  11. 11. Communication The major problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred. Albert Einstein
  12. 12. Do we really listen? • Listen for a chance to escape? • Listen for a chance to talk? • Listen to confirm existing view? • Listen for particular information? Or • Listen to really understand what is being said!
  13. 13. Mindful Communication • Clear your mind • Focus and concentrate • Be aware of yourself • Be aware of the other person • Understand communication styles Be Present
  14. 14. Elements of Mindful Success Actions lead to success Objectives drive attention Attention impacts awareness Awareness influences choices Choices determine right actions; Objective what you want to achieve Attention what you notice Mindfulness how aware you are Choice how you think and act Action what you do Success what you achieve
  15. 15. The Mindful Leader Team & stakeholder interactions – be present & listen fully Problem resolution – real empathy Decision making – clarity and learning Meetings and workshops – openness Focus & flow – get stuff done
  16. 16. Mindful Agile Applying mindfulness to the agile values
  17. 17. Mindful Agile Practices • Focus • Value delivery • Awareness of work • Awareness of team Sprint • Value focus • Team goals • Team Care • Generosity Sprint Plan • Team cohesion • Relationships • Communication • For the good of all Stand-up • Deep listening • Safe to be wrong • Acceptance • Flexibility Demo • Open sharing • Suspend judgement • Humbleness • Resilience Retro • Empathy • Acceptance • Drop opinions • Open to learn User Story
  18. 18. References • Mindful Work – David Gelles • Mindful Leadership (for dummies) – Juliet Adams and Marina Grazier • Mindfulness at Work – Dr Stephen McKenzie • Leading Mindfully – Amanda Sinclair • Mindset – Dr Carol Dweck • • – Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute •
  19. 19. Kathy G. Berkidge