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Mindful agile agileindia_2019


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We hear so much these days about the difference between being agile, and doing agile. It’s the agile mindset that enables teams, and organisations, to truly adopt the agile values and principles to reap real benefits, not simply do the agile practices and ceremonies.
Mindfulness is the secret ingredient that enables the agile mindset. Mindful agile is the perfect combination of the agile mindset with mindfulness that enables teams and organisations to build an agile culture that truly embodies the agile values and principles. It allows teams to work together with greater cooperation to truly collaborate, overcome difficulties, share ideas, and challenge each other without falling into chaos and conflict. Through mindfulness, teams communicate more effectively, think more clearly and increase creativity that drive innovation.

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Mindful agile agileindia_2019

  1. 1. The heart of the agile mindset Kathy G. Berkidge
  2. 2. Mindfulness • Quality or state of being aware without judgement or perceptions • Deliberately paying attention to what is happening all around you • Being open and present to what ‘is’ – nothing else
  3. 3. How? • Informal practice: –Just breathe –Clear your mind –Recall and focus • Formal practice: –meditation
  4. 4. Let’s try it! • Sit comfortably • Rest hands on lap • Close eyes • Clear your mind • Focus on your breath • Don’t follow thoughts • If distracted or your mind wonders – gently come back to the breath
  5. 5. Benefits • Beyond peace and stress relief • Clarity, calm and awareness • Creativity and innovation • Focus and concentration • Better communication • Increased collaboration • Other health benefits including lower blood pressure and increased immune response
  6. 6. What is the Agile Mindset?
  7. 7. ‘Be’ agile - or ‘do’ agile? Agile is a Mindset Grounded in 4 Values Elaborated through 12 Principles Executed via 100s of Practices
  8. 8. Mindful Agile Applying mindfulness to the agile values
  9. 9. Individuals and Interactions Team cohesion and relationships Communication and collaboration Resilience and well-being Emotional Intelligence
  10. 10. Working Software Focus on value and quality Mental clarity, creativity and idea generation Sense of meaning and satisfaction in work Awareness & innovation
  11. 11. Customer Collaboration Deep empathy Continuous learning and discovery Unbiased, objective insight generation Focus on delight
  12. 12. Responding to Change Acceptance Flexibility & adaptation Openness and willingness Inclusive decision making
  13. 13. Mindful Agile Practices •Focus •Value delivery •Awareness of work •Awareness of team Sprint •Value focus •Team goals •Team Care •Generosity Sprint Plan •Team cohesion •Relationships •Communication •For the good of all Stand-up •Deep listening •Safe to be wrong •Acceptance •Flexibility Demo •Open sharing •Suspend judgement •Humbleness •Resilience Retro •Empathy •Acceptance •Drop opinions •Open to learn User Story
  14. 14. Mindful Agile in Practice Team Interactions Waiting Speaking & Listening Emails & Calls Value Delivery Anywhere & anytime Come back to the present Just take 3 breaths Clear your mind
  15. 15. How will you implement mindfulness?
  16. 16. References • Mindful Work – David Gelles • Mindful Leadership (for dummies) – Juliet Adams and Marina Grazier • Mindfulness at Work – Dr Stephen McKenzie • Leading Mindfully – Amanda Sinclair • Mindset – Dr Carol Dweck • • – Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute •
  17. 17. @KathyBerkidge