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Using video and facebook for student february 2012 handout


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Using video and facebook for student february 2012 handout

  1. 1. Kathryn RhodesDean, Student AcademicServicesRoane State CommunityCollege
  2. 2. • Adjunct Business Faculty• Teach online, hybrid or accelerated courses• Previous 20+ years experience in Human Resources for TRW Koyo, Magna International, Shop at Home and Furtex Corp.• Mom of two college students – 23 and 21 years-old and both males!
  3. 3. • Provide students with an approximation of the “classroom” experience• Allow students to view the instructor as a “real person”• Connect with students and materials in a time sensitive manner• Increase immediacy as defined by Griffiths and Graham for positive student motivation
  4. 4. • Review course chapter and PowerPoint slides• Gather other materials needed for lecture• Open PowerPoint slides• Turn on camera and record• Aim for a “real life” experience not production quality
  5. 5. • Modified IDEA evaluation with additional questions • Were the video lecturettes helpful to you in understanding the content? Please explain. • Did you use the FaceBook page for xxxx? If so, what did you like or find helpful? If not, why did you choose not to use it? • What have you liked best about this accelerated course? Any changes that need to be made?
  6. 6. • iTunes U• Open Source – MIT, Stanford, Khan Academy• YouTube / TeacherTube
  7. 7. • “Also, the teacher displayed encouragement to use our study of the subject matter in a way that seemed like a classroom as we interacted in online discussions with our classmates, and tried to demonstrate thru video lectures how it applied to the real world. I liked have the lectures from the teacher to refer to.”
  8. 8. • “I enjoyed the videos that could be used with the PowerPoint. It helps with the learning aspect of the material.”• “The video lectures and ppt.”• “Yes. She used real world examples which helped a lot.”• “Yes they helped by showing real life stories”
  9. 9. • “More video lectures and efforts to pass on her business expertise to the students. It would give help and direction on the difficult topics. It really made the virtual classroom have a more personal touch so that you didn’t feel like you were all alone in taking this class online.”
  10. 10. • “All the other classes need to follow the example of different learning types as Mrs. Rhodes has by using the web cam making videos and ppt lectures was great.”• “The course was well laid out by Mary Rhodes. She provided a lot of extra material in the form of powerpoints and videos to aid with the assignments.”• “More teachers should use video lectures”
  11. 11. • Recorded videos 1 – 2 weeks prior to schedule• Included real time business events e.g. Japan’s earthquake, tsunami and nuclear reactor meltdown• Added the length of time for each video per student suggestion• Felt more connected to students and the content
  12. 12. • “The thing that I liked best about this course is that Mrs. Rhodes posted lectures online which were very helpful, not to mention awesome because it was like you still went to class. The online lectures made unclear things from the reading clear and also being able to follow along with power point.”
  13. 13. • Use of FB Pages to develop resource page• Post or link to articles in the subject discipline• Advantage – students do not “friend” you personally• Students “LIKE” your page and posts show up on their page when they check their FB page
  14. 14. • MGT 203 FB Page
  15. 15. • “Very helpful with research”• “Yes, I loved the articles that were posted and liked that we were allowed to use them for our environmental scan”• “Yes I did and it was helpful in pointing me in the right direction for research topics”
  16. 16. • “I really liked the links to the HR websites.”• “Yes, it was a useful tool in finding current events.”• “No, never got on facebook.”• “Yes I did got one good website for my presentation and paper.”
  17. 17. • Students used FB page when needed to complete assignments• Excellent tool to direct students to current events / articles for MGT 203 research projects• Used FB page as an extra-credit assignment for BUS 281 with minimal results
  18. 18. • Griffiths, M. & Graham, C. (2010). Using Asynchronous Video to Achieve Instructor Immediacy and Closeness in Online Classes: Experiences from Three Cases. International Journal on E-Learning, 9(3), 325-340. Chesapeake, VA: AACE. Retrieved:• Joosten, T. (July, 2011). Social media for teaching and learning. Presentation at the Desire2Learn Fusion conference in Denver, CO.• Junco, R. & Heiberger, G. (March, 2009). You can use Facebook for that? Research- supported strategies to engage your students. Presentation at the National American College Personnel Association Meeting, Washington DC.
  19. 19. • Mazer, J., Murphy, R. & Simonds, C. (2007). I’ll See you on “Facebook”: The Effects of Computer-Mediated Teacher Self-Disclosure on Student Motivation, Affective Learning, and Classroom Climate. Communication Education, 56(1), 1 – 17. Retrieved: /03634520601009710.• Morrison & Foerster Social Media Newsletter Vol. 2, Issue 4. (August 2011). Retrieved: 110810-Socially-Aware.pdf