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Keep the blend mixed


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In order to produce a quality product for your consumer it is vital to handle each recipe batch with care. If you allow the recipe ingredients to become segregated it is likely the whole batch has to be reworked or scrapped. See how our unique Cone Valve technology helps you achieve right first time, every time.

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Keep the blend mixed

  1. 1. KEEPING THE BLENDED PRODUCT MIXED The Matcon Cone Valve Solution Benefits: • Quality finished product every time – each dose has the right proportion of ingredients • Blended mix is protected from segregation • Reduction in wasted, de-mixed product • Higher yield as all product is discharged out • Direct dosing straight from the IBC, no secondary screw feeders necessary • Automatic, controlled discharge process Keeping the blended product mixed The problem: All recipes are a mix of different sized particles with different densities. If batches are not handled correctly this can lead to de-mixing/segregation, which means product quality is compromised. Solution: The Matcon Cone Valve technology promotes mass- flow which protects blends during discharge, ensuring that key ingredients are distributed evenly across packs.