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The Curse of the Werewolf deconstruction


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The Curse of the Werewolf deconstruction

  1. 1. The first thing we see is a zoom into an extreme close up of a werewolves’ eyes and they’re crying, connoting he is a main part of the storyline and is upset. The score starts here and is sharp and fast. The title appears over the werewolf in large font as it is the most important bit of information.The werewolfs’ eyes look to the left,still while crying, connoting him tobe anxious or paranoid aboutsomething. The four main castmembers appear next, in a slightlysmaller font than the title. Thenother cast members names appearunder the word ‘with’ again insmaller font, connoting these actorsto be less significant than the firstfour actors whose names appeared.
  2. 2. Then the person in charge of screenplay, in a larger font with copyright and other information much smaller underneath. Next, who the music is by, in the same size font, as this seems to be important.Then a few other members of the crewand after that the rest of the crew insmaller font connoting them to be lesssignificant. Then the associate producer in larger font, the producer, and the director, connoting that these three are very important as they showed up each on their own. The werewolfs’ eyes are continually looking from left to right and crying throughout these opening credits connoting that we should pity this creature.
  3. 3. It then fades to black and goes into the establishing shot of two bells ringing and the word ‘Spain’ over top to show us where this story is taking place. It pans across to a high shot to see a man walking towards us, as a narrator is speaking over the top introducing that the man is a beggar and is a bit naive.It then cuts to a shot as if we werestanding with the man, tiltedupwards as if to look up at wherethe bells are ringing.
  4. 4. The beggar walks up to another man and asks him why the bells are ringing, addressing him with ‘senior’ while taking off his hat, connoting him to be very polite. The beggar is standing the bottom of some steps as the other man is at the top, connoting this man to be of greater authority as he is above the beggar looking down on him.It cuts to a close up of the beggar, hehas a dirty face and messy hair,further connoting that he is of lowimportance.