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James Morrison deconstruction


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James Morrison deconstruction

  1. 1. James Morrison ‘Please Don’t Stop The Rain’ Deconstruction
  2. 2. Genre Characteristics • From 15 seconds we can see clearly the costume the singer is wearing is simple and casual, this suggests he belongs to the singer/songwriter genre as they are usually simple and focus on the music rather than the image. • The video is a hybrid between performance and narrative as he is miming the lyrics at some parts but also there is a story happening. This is usually what we see with singer/songwriter videos.
  3. 3. Relationship Between Lyrics and Visuals • From 1:14 to 1:23 the lyrics “Let it fall, let it fall, let it fall. Please don't stop the rain” are sang twice while sparks start to fall from the sky as if they were rain drops. • At 2:07 to 2:10 the lyrics are “Feeling like you got no place to run,” and at the same time we can see the wolf running.
  4. 4. Relationship Between Music and Visuals • At 12 seconds, 31 seconds and various other parts in the video there is on beat editing as it cuts to a different scene as a note on the piano is played. • Also, when the wolf is running from 1:55 to 1:59 it’s in time to the beat of the song.
  5. 5. Artist Motifs • The singer is the main focus throughout the whole video with frequent close-ups for example at 1:23 to 1:37. • The parts in the video were sparks are falling reflect the album cover for this single.
  6. 6. Notion of Looking • At 1:51 to 1:53 there is a an extreme close up of the wolf’s eyes and we can see it looking at the sparks falling as there is a reflection in the eyes.