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Allergies and Sharp Toothache? Tips on helping you to feel better.

Are you experiencing the discomfort having allergies leading to a toothache? We provide tips on how to relieve nasal stuffiness and congestion.

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Allergies and Sharp Toothache? Tips on helping you to feel better.

  2. 2. The spring season is a common time of year for allergies and even for sinus infections.
  3. 3. Instructions for use 3 When a patient develops a sinus infection, bacteria and fluid from the nose can flow into the hollow space behind the nose known as the maxillary sinus. This increase in fluid leads to extreme pressure and inflammation in the maxillary sinus. As we age, our sinuses grow and can sometimes push against the roots of our upper back teeth. Each tooth has nerves that go into the tooth through the tip of the root. When our maxillary sinus becomes affected by colds or sinus infections, the bottom lining expands and puts pressure on the top back teeth, resulting in a toothache.
  4. 4. So, if you have toothache, you may have a sinus infection. According to WebMD, doing following things can help you to treat the symptoms and lessen the pain associated with the sinus infection.
  5. 5. Sinusitis Dos and Don'ts 5 Do: ● Okay to go out in public If you’ve been worried about spreading sinusitis to classmates or co-workers, worry no more. Sinusitis isn't contagious. You can go back to your normal activities once feel well enough. ● Be Careful when choosing OTC Drugs Does your face and head hurt or feel uncomfortable? Acetaminophen or ibuprofen can make it all better. Decongestant nasal sprays can relieve your stuffy nose, just don't use them regularly. It can over time make your symptoms worse.
  6. 6. Sinusitis Dos and Don'ts 6 Do: ● Hydration is Key Drink plenty of fluids such as water or tea during sinusitis. Drinking something warm can ease the discomfort. Studies show that the steam from a hot mug can help break up nasal stuffiness. ● Use Warm Compresses Moist sources of heat can relieve your sinus pressure, which can open up those blocked passages in your nose, and ease pain/discomfort. Try to hold a wet towel against your face or breathe in steam through a cloth. Hot shower will definitely help loosen mucus.
  7. 7. Sinusitis Dos and Don'ts 7 Do: ● Try to use a Humidifier A cool mist of water vapor can make you less stuffy, but make sure you keep the water clean. For cleanliness, empty the tank every day and wash it out before you refill it. To avoid mold and bacteria build up, clean it with diluted bleach or vinegar to once a week. ● Rinse out your sinuses This practice is called “nasal lavage." You clean the inside of your nose with a sterile solution. You can find these kits at your local grocery store. Make sure you use distilled or sterile water or boiled water after it's cooled down.
  8. 8. Sinusitis Dos and Don'ts 8 Do: ● Exercise Wisely It's fine to exercise if you feel up to it, but make sure to take extra precautions. Sinusitis can cause dizziness and problems with coordination, so stay away from lifting weights until your symptoms improve. If you feel pressure in your chest, sit out until you feel better. ● Learn more about living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.
  9. 9. Sinusitis Dos and Don'ts 9 Don’t: ● Avoid Flying, If you can If you do end up flying when you've got sinusitis, you can raise your chances of ear pain and other complications. But if you take the flight, makes sure to yawn and swallow when the plane is on the way up after takeoff or heads back down before landing. That will help keep the tubes from your throat to your ears clear.
  10. 10. Sinusitis Dos and Don'ts 10 Don’t: ● Avoid Drinking Alcohol You need plenty of fluids, but liquids including alcohol are not one of them. Alcohol makes you dehydrated. It also can cause your sinuses and the lining of your nose to swell, which makes your symptoms worse. ● Avoid the Pool Studies have shown that chlorine in pools can irritate the passageways of your nose. If you feel well enough to exercise and want to swim, use nose clips.
  11. 11. Sinusitis Dos and Don'ts 11 Don’t: ● Don't Breathe in Smoke Avoid places that have cigarette smoke, and stay indoors when air pollution levels are high. After all your goal is to soothe your sinuses, not inflame them. If you're a smoker, try to quit. A tobacco habit makes it more likely you'll get another round of sinusitis.
  12. 12. Natural Remedies to Relieve Sinus Problems 12 Sinuses Explained Sinuses are air-filled pockets found in your cheeks, behind the forehead and eyebrows, on either side of the bridge of the nose, and behind the nose. These can easily get clogged. Healthy sinuses are lined with a thin layer of mucus that traps dust, germs, and other air particles. Ideally, tiny hair-like cilia sweep mucus and anything trapped in it out of the sinuses, down the back of the throat, and into the stomach.
  13. 13. Natural Remedies to Relieve Sinus Problems 13 What Usually Causes Sinus Problems? Sinus pressure and pain happens when the tissue in the nose and sinuses gets inflamed and swollen. This keeps the sinuses from draining properly. Anything that causes swelling in your sinuses (temperature, allergies, smoking, the common cold) or keeps your cilia from sweeping away mucus can cause problems.
  14. 14. Natural Remedies to Relieve Sinus Problems 14 Avoid Triggers Steer clear away from common triggers such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen. Also, get your allergies treated, too.
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