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8 simple steps to living an anti-inflammatory life and having a healthier mouth


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Learn living an anti-inflammatory life and having a healthier mouth by eight simple steps to follow.

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8 simple steps to living an anti-inflammatory life and having a healthier mouth

  1. 1. 8 Simple Steps: To Living an Anti-inflammatory Life and Having a Healthier Mouth Nebraska Family Dentistry
  2. 2. Our mouth and overall health are tightly connected. If patients are not healthy, we see it in a mouth and vice versa. We believe that a healthy life and healthy mouth can begin with just a few simple steps. Our dental professionals are passionate about teaching people about easy, simple ways to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, leading to people having a healthier mouth and overall better health, ultimately living Longer & Better.
  3. 3. We believe that a healthy life and healthy mouth can begin with just a few simple steps. Check out simple 8 steps So what does it take to live an Anti-Inflammatory Life? What can you do to have a healthy mouth and to be healthier overall?
  4. 4. Step #1 Eat Whole Unprocessed Foods Eat whole foods, high-fiber, plant-based diet, which is inherently anti-inflammatory. That means choosing unprocessed, unrefined, whole, fresh, real foods. Not those full of sugar, trans-fats and low in powerful. anti-inflammatory plant chemicals called phytonutrients. Dental Health Note: Patients that eat unprocessed , whole foods have less cavities and lower rates of developing gum disease.
  5. 5. Step #2 Eat Healthy Fats Give yourself an oil change by eating healthy monounsaturated fats in olive oil, nuts and avocados, and getting more omega-3 from small fish like sardines, herring, sable, and wild salmon. Dental Health Note: Patients that tend to eat healthy fats have lower rates of dental problems
  6. 6. Step # 3 Be Active Every Day Mounting evidence tells us that regular exercise or just being active reduces inflammation. It also improves immune function, strengthens your cardiovascular system, corrects and prevents insulin resistance, and is key for improving mood and erasing the effects of stress. In fact, regular exercise is one among a small handful of lifestyles changes that correlates with improving health in virtually ALL of the scientific literature. So get moving already!
  7. 7. Step #4 Relax: Find Your Zen Learn how to engage your vagus nerve by actively relaxing. This powerful nerve relaxes your whole body and lowers inflammation when you practice yoga or meditation, breathe deeply, or even take a hot shower. Dental Health Note: When we are stressed, gums tend to bleed. Our gums should never be bleeding.
  8. 8. Step #5 Know Your Body Avoid Allergens: If you have food allergies, found out what you’re allergic to and stop eating those foods, Gluten and dairy are two common culprits. Dental Health Note: Patients that have allergies tend to have higher rates of bleeding gums. and higher risk of developing periodontal disease.
  9. 9. Step #6 Maintain Balance Heal Your Gut: The human microbiome is made up of many microbiota. Research is proving that the human microbiome plays a vital role in our health. Keeping your oral and gut microbiomes healthy with oral probiotics and foods like probiotic yoghurt is important. But did you know your oral microbiome communicates with your gut microbiome? You need them to work in harmony for a healthy mouth and body. The benefits of oral probiotics may have a profound influence on your health. Dental Health Note: We recommend taking good probiotics to prevent developing cavities and gum disease., along with daily flossing and brushing.
  10. 10. Step #7 Strengthen Oral Health Taking Care of Your Mouth Daily Keeping gums healthy and preventing gum disease and gingivitis with daily flossing and brushing. These are major cause of inflammation in a mouth leading to higher levels of inflammatory markers and negatively impacting your overall health . It is important to have those conditions under control for our overall health.
  11. 11. Step #8 Stop Drinking Any Soda or Energy drinks Certain Ingredients are highly pro-inflammatory and consuming any soda and energy drinks daily will lead to health and dental problems. Many dental and overall health problems most luckily will develop with regular consumption of soda or energy drinks.
  12. 12. Conclusion The mouth can be a remarkable barometer for the health for the entire body. By following simple steps of living an Anti-Inflammatory life, you can improve your oral health and overall health, ultimately living Longer & Better. By visiting our wellness oriented dentists, we can help you to be to have a healthy mouth and to be healthier overall. See one of our dentists today!
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