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Eugene Lisovskiy, CEO, MAPS.ME | Workshop | SotM Asia 2017


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State of the Map Asia (SotM-Asia) is the annual regional conference of OpenStreetMap (OSM) organized by OSM communities in Asia. First SotM-Asia was organized in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2015, and the second was organized in Manila, Philippines in 2016. This year’s conference, third in the series, was organized in Kathmandu, Nepal on September 23 – 24, 2017 at Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu, Nepal.

We brought nearly 200 Open Mapping enthusiasts from Asia and beyond to this year’s SotM-Asia. The event provided an opportunity to share knowledge and experience among mappers; expand their network; and generate ideas to expand map coverage and effective use of OSM data in Asian continent. We chose ‘from creation to use of OSM data’ as the theme of this year’s conference, emphasizing on the effective use of OSM data. We also brought together a government panel from four different countries in this year’s SotM-Asia. We believe this event will deepen the bond and enhance collaboration among OSM communities across Asia.

More information about the conference can be found on:

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Eugene Lisovskiy, CEO, MAPS.ME | Workshop | SotM Asia 2017

  1. 1. MAPS.ME #1 maps for travellers Workshop by Eugene Lisovskiy CEO
  2. 2. MAPS.ME #1 Maps for Travellers ❖ Free, offline, open source, OSM based. ❖ 80+ million installations all over the world. ❖ #1 map for travellers in > 50 countries. ❖ 20x users growth since 2014. ❖ #1 mobile OSM editor. ❖ Used by 40% of active OSM mappers. ❖ 2 million new users monthly.
  3. 3. Fast, Offline, Reliable OMS Based Maps
  4. 4. Offline Turn-by-turn Navigation and Traffic Realtime Traffic In 38 Countries Turn-by-turn Navigation
  5. 5. Travellers Recommend MAPS.ME
  6. 6. MAPS.ME = Google Maps + TripAdvisor Travel CatalogAll in One Maps #1 Travel Maps MAPS.ME
  7. 7. MAPS.ME worldwide
  8. 8. Easy-To-Use Mobile OSM POI Editor
  9. 9. MAPS.ME boosted OSM active mappers by 60% +60%MAPS.ME editor release in April 2016
  10. 10. №1 Mobile OSM Editor
  11. 11. ❖ 1 million new POIs ❖ 600 thousand updated POIs ❖ 200 thousand notes ❖ 170 thousand users ❖ 235 countries mapped, top 20 includes Japan, Philippines, Iraq, Iran, Algeria, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Thailand. 1,5 years POI mapping in MAPS.ME
  12. 12. 1,5 years POI mapping in MAPS.ME
  13. 13. Who Use MAPS.ME?
  14. 14. ❖ Travellers all over the world ❖ Local citizens in countries with bad internet ❖ OSM Mappers to Map On-The-Go ❖ volontaires ❖ Government organizations: Police, Firefighters, Ambulances, Emergency Teams ❖ Professional truck drivers ❖ Amateur pilots and sailors Not only travellers use MAPS.ME
  15. 15. Case Study: Yamato City (Japan)
  16. 16. Why Points of Interest (POIs)?
  17. 17. ❖ 50% of search ❖ Easy to validate and revert ❖ Not visible on satellite imagery ❖ Important destinations ❖ Easy for beginners Why Points of Interest?
  18. 18. Why Offline Maps?
  19. 19. ~1B Users with Slow Internet Connection
  20. 20. Offline Maps Are Still In Demand Smartphone performance increased 6 times for the last 5 years. Client-side calculation gives more stability with less reliable and overloaded mobile networks. Maps Become More Universal 68% of population with GDP p.c. > $4.5k are peds. 50% of top 20 maps have public transport navigation. Apps & Robots Need Offline Maps Many new geo-location services need open maps. In the nearest future machines (self-driving cars, drones) and robots will have maps preloaded in the memory for reliable navigation. No Cheap Worldwide Roaming Yet Mobile internet traffic will grow 4-5 times in the next 3 years. Mobile networks coverage and capacity - not. It takes time and money to update network. 3Y Market Trends
  21. 21. 40% of Travellers Use Offline Maps Online Maps Offline Maps Transit Maps Translation Recommendations Accommodation Booking Flight Booking e-brochures Events booking Local POIs Guides City Guides Nothnig Other
  22. 22. How To Start Mapping With MAPS.ME?
  23. 23. Editor – Step 1a: Select A Place To Add 1 2 3
  24. 24. Editor – Step 1b: Select A Place To Edit 1 2 3
  25. 25. Editor – Step 2: Choose A Place Category
  26. 26. Editor – Step 3: Add/Edit More Details
  27. 27. Editor – Step 4: Authorise/Register in
  28. 28. What Problems We Face?
  29. 29. Bad Edits
  30. 30. Poor communication
  31. 31. MAPS.ME Map Editor Development Roadmap For 2018
  32. 32. ❖ More POI types and additional fields ❖ More frequent map updates (weekly -> daily) ❖ Address points ❖ GPS traces ❖ Gamification to increase mappers engagement ❖ Collaborative edits in-app validation ❖ In-app notifications for changeset discussions ❖ Easier login to on mobile devices MAPS.ME Editor Development Roadmap for 2018
  33. 33. Key Audience & Retention Growth Drivers in 2018 Search Ratings, Reviews (UGC) Car Navigation MAPS.ME Audience & Retention Transit Navigation Website OSM Data
  34. 34. How to Map POI Faster?
  35. 35. Map Faster = Import ❖ Imports are bad ❖ But good imports are good
  36. 36. POI Data Partners
  37. 37. Navads - 60k Shell Gas Stations
  38. 38. How to Engage More People into Mapping?
  39. 39. 1. Acquire new mappers. ➢ Mapathons ➢ SOTM ➢ Working with schools and students 2. Engage existent mappers: ➢ Direct (email/push) marketing ➢ Loyalty program ➢ Local activities How To Engage More People into Mapping?
  40. 40. Google Maps Way: 1B Billion users = 1M POI Mappers
  41. 41. More MAPS.ME Users = More Active OSM Mappers Hardcore OSM Mappers Casual POI Mappers Regular Mobile Maps Users Mobile mappers are 18 times more active than regular mappers. ❖ 4000k registered mappers ❖ 30k monthly active mappers ❖ 0,8% of active mappers MASP.ME ❖ 176k registered mappers ❖ 25k monthly active mappers ❖ 14% of active mappers
  42. 42. From Creation to Use! Eugene Lisovskiy, CEO of MAPS.ME State of the Map Asia 2017, Nepal