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  1. 1. New media in Italy How a company and an individual made money from advertising, in a small and slow market
  2. 2. A few facts about Italy • 25% of Italians surf the web at least once a month • Average online time is 1.5 hrs per week • 46% of surfers visit a newspaper site once a week, 11% a SNS • 82% of online Italians don’t have a profile on a SNS • There are 3 million blogs, 6% of the total population • 73% of Italian bloggers are aged 18-29 • During Spring-Summer time overall visits to SNS and blogs decrease by 20-45%
  3. 3. Badoo vs. Facebook Despite what happens in other countries, Badoo is a success in Italy with 1,900,000 users vs. only 195,000 Italian Facebook users Why? Facebook is a rich SNS, with different features useful to keep in touch with friends Badoo is a simple SNS, with the only goal to “meet” new people and get “voted” The success of Badoo and the figures shown before mean: Italians are not interested in “advanced” features of SNS (event planning, groups, etc.), they just want to meet new people in an easy and linear way Italians use the Internet for research, news reading, IM and P2P, other activities such as SNS, blogging, etc. are far to be mainstream
  4. 4. Two success stories Despite a relatively immature and small market, both in terms of audience and adv, there are some interesting success stories, such as: • Blogosfere • Robin Good
  5. 5. Blogosfere • Born in 2005 • Nanopublishing network with blogs about fashion, automotive, mobile phones, urban blogs, etc. • Now counts over 200 blogs • Blogosfere exploited the
  6. 6. Blogosfere corporate • B2B revenue stream • Creates blogs and blog networks for companies, events, products and promos • No hassle for the companies
  7. 7. Robin Good He’s a 49 yrs old blogger His name is Robin Good, as he claims to pursue not only economic results, but also social and ethical achievements He “lives” in Share- Wood, the forest of sharing He understood the power of personal branding
  8. 8. Master New Media • After the success of his personal blog, he started Master New Media to aggregate and share interesting contents about different topics • Written in Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese • Now, after 5 years of activity, his online “blog” earns more than 40k per month only through AdSense
  9. 9. Keys to his personal success 1. Strong personal branding: being everywhere (events, parties, etc.), endorsing a social cause and riding emerging trends 2. Publishing extremely interesting contents on his blog (essays, tutorials, guides, etc.) usually sold for a price 3. Copying from other websites what he didn’t produce, his website is also an aggregator of content from other sources. He claims himself to be a “News DJ”
  10. 10. Thank you! :-) Francesco Federico francesco@francescofederico.net www.francescofederico.net twitter.com/frandrake
  11. 11. Credits • Nextmedia and society http://larica-virtual.soc.uniurb.it/ nextmedia/ • Google Insights http://www.google.com/insights