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Au Psy492 E Portfolio

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Au Psy492 E Portfolio

  1. 1. Undergraduate Studies ePortfolio Kathleen Jones B.A. Psychology, 2012 1
  2. 2. Personal Statement Since I was a child, Ive been interested in peoples emotions and actions. I alwayswanted to be the person in school that people could talk to about anything without worryingabout being judged. Ive also dealt with many situations that took patience and understandinggrowing up, such as dealing with one of my family members depression and my brother, whowould often get mad at others and then yell at me or call me names because I was just theclosest person to him. I understood this and didnt hold it against him. I also grew up with acousin who is bipolar, so I had to have patience and understanding whenever I was around her.All of these experiences have shaped me as a person, providing me with values that revolvearound honesty and providing security for others because I often feel that the most importantthing a person can have, is someone they feel secure around and can trust. I also feel that theseexperiences have given me skills in listening and communicating with others because it wasnecessary to help my family members. As a kid, I wasnt aware that I was actually gainingtraining in the psychology field, but I feel that I actually was. The first class that put me on the path to a career in psychology was a forensics classduring which I had to do research on serial killers. Even though its morbid in nature, the intrigueI had about why these people would do these types of things was immense. After that class, Isigned up for my first psychology class, and after that, I knew I wanted to continue on inpsychology. When I started my psychology degree at the University of Hartford, my interest wasonly amplified. I took classes on stress, abnormal psychology, and general psychology, all ofwhich drove me to learn more. As a student previously, I often lacked the interest to really pushmyself, but with psychology, I wasnt like that at all and was able to earn high grades in mypsychology classes in Hartford and continue that trend at Argosy University.
  3. 3. Personal Statement cont. My ambitions range from a career in criminal profiling for the FBI to being involved in theclinical field dealing with those who have personality disorders. I also have interest in the VAand substance abuse counseling because of my husband, a corpsman for the Navy, has had tocope with post-traumatic stress disorder as well as alcoholism. My life continues to push me inthe direction of psychology, and I am happy to go along with it so that I can provide even theslightest bit of help for those who need it. In order to achieve these ambitions, my current goal is to continue onto graduate schoolwhere I will gain my Masters degree in Psychology, and then on to get my Doctorate. So longas I have the support of my family and my own drive to succeed in the psychology field, I amconfident that I will be able to achieve these goals to the best of my ability.
  4. 4. ResumeKathleen JonesPensacola, 32506, Florida, USE-mail: katcoola@yahoo.comOBJECTIVEMy current objective is to begin a career in the psychology field while earning a Masters degree in Psychology.WORK EXPERIENCEEquipment ManagerDecember 2005 - March 2010County Line Ski Rental | Blakeslee, PARental ServicesEquipping customers with fitting equipment, setting the equipment up correctly based on multiple characteristics, cashiering, bringing equipment back in, and cleaning equipment.Verbal Communication, Technical knowledge, Cash Handling, Patience, Effective Listening, Responsibility,.
  5. 5. Resume cont.CashierJune 2009 - September 2009Big Bang Fireworkds | Blakeslee, PARetailOpened and closed store, directed customers to products they were looking for, cashiered, and stocked shelves.Register/ Cashier, Verbal Communication, Knowledge of types of fireworks, Knowledge of basic state laws regarding fireworks, Responsibility.River GuideMay 2006 - July 2007Pocono White Water | Jim Thorpe, PASports and Physical RecreationProviding rafting groups with equipment, hosting them on a bus to the river location while providing historical information of the area, teaching them basic information they need to know while on the river, and leading them down the river safely.Required decision making and quick thinking when potential threats arose such as getting stuck on rocks or someone falling out of the raft. Required knowledge of how the river worked such as chutes, channels, and eddies. Required strength to move equipment to and from the river.River Knowledge, Safety Knowledge, Verbal Communication, Effective Listening, Historical Research, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Responsibility.
  6. 6. Resume cont. EDUCATION Bachelors Degree, Psychology, October 2009 - I have not graduated Argosy University | Nashville, TN Some College Coursework Completed, Psychology, Art History, August 2007 - May 2009 University Of Hartford | Hartford, CT Deans list three out of four semesters. High School or equivalent, September 2003 - June 2007 Pocono Mountain West High School | Swiftwater, PA Honor Roll multiple times throughout my four years in high school.SKILLS Verbal and Written Communication Intermediate Time Management Intermediate Creative Thinker Intermediate Effective Listening Intermediate Decision Making and Problem Solving Intermediate Responsible Expert Ethics Intermediate Patience ExpertLANGUAGES German Beginner
  7. 7. Reflection I have been at Argosy University for almost three years now. During this time, I haveencountered many positive and negative experiences. Leaving the on-campus lifestyle atthe University of Hartford and starting an online learning experience, I lost manyrelationships with friends and professors alike. I lost the one-on-one time with the professorsI looked up to, something that I held as very important because hearing someone speakabout a subject in person is more valuable than simply reading the information. However,online learning has given me the ability to continue my education while moving locationswith my husband who is in the military. Additionally, online learning has allowed me to be astay at home mother to my 1 year old daughter. Throughout these past three years, I have learned much about psychology and muchabout my weaknesses and strengths in regards to psychology. My greatest weakness hasbeen in statistics. My knowledge of statistical equations and analysis is not as advanced as Iwould like it to be; however, I still feel that my ability to understand the final results ofresearch is pretty fair. I would say that my strengths are in applying my knowledge ofpsychology to individual situations, written and oral communications, and my ability touphold ethics when regarding individual circumstances, though I realize my ability for growthin all of these areas as well. Because of this, I feel that I have the ability to grow andsucceed within the psychology field.
  8. 8. Table of ContentsCognitive Abilities:The Effects of Parental Alcoholism on ChildrenResearch Skills:Stress During PregnancyCommunication Skills:Residential and 12 Step InterventionsEthics and Diversity Awareness:Sally and EthicsFoundations of Psychology:BehaviorismApplied Psychology:Models of Substance AbuseInterpersonal Effectiveness:Culture
  9. 9. My Future in Learning I have often told my husband that if I could afford to go to school the rest of my life, Iprobably would. The field of psychology has been the one area of learning that has alwaysreached out for my attention and held onto it. There is already so much known about thepsychology field to learn about, it truly is a life long endeavor trying to discover it all. Not onlyis there past and current knowledge to learn from, there’s new advances being made everyday. At this point in my career, it seems almost infinite. The only way I can envision myselfas a productive member of the psychology field would be to continue trying to learn about asmuch as I can, so it is my goal to do so.
  10. 10. Contact Me Thank you for viewing my ePortfolio. For further information, pleasecontact me at the e-mail address below.

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