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Msn email not working on android


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If you are using MSN email account on android phone? This could be numerous reason that Msn email not working on android phone, just follow some guidelines for solve this issue.

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Msn email not working on android

  1. 1. MSN Email Not Working On Android? Let’s follow some steps
  2. 2.  Therecouldbenumerousreasonswhichmightbecausing issueconnectingyourMSNEmailwithyourAndroiddevice.
  3. 3.  NoProblem!Becausewiththisguidewewillshowyouhow tosuccessfullyconfigureMSNEmailonAndroiddevice.  Let’sgetstarted!
  4. 4.  OnyourAndroiddevice,taponmailapp.Select Settingsandthenaddanewemailaccount.Next, selectPOP3.
  5. 5.  EnteryourcompleteMSNEmailaddressandpasswordin therequiredfieldandthenselectManualSetup. On the next screen, make the following changes and tap Next. Username: Enter your username Password: Enter your password Incoming server: Incoming port: 995 Security type: SSL
  6. 6.  Makethefollowingchangesonthenextscreen andtapNext. Outgoingport:25 Securitytype:None Authorizationrequired:No Username:EnteryourUsername Password:Enteryourpassword Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the MSN Email setup process on Android.
  7. 7. For More Information:- Let’s Talk Now 1-800-969-1417 Source:-  service/