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VRC Presentation

  1. 1. Job Placement of Amandeep A presentation by: Erin Sutherland, Liane Mendonca, Su-Ann Liu, and Kathleen Campbell
  2. 2. CASE HISTORY Amandeep is a 55 year old woman. She was injured while employed as a baker’s assistant for Debbie’s bakery. The injury occurred on December 15th 2008 when Amandeep and her co-worker were carrying a 100 lb container of flour from the stock area of the bakery to the processing area. Amandeep’s co-worker slid on some spilled flour causing her to stumble backwards. As a result Amdandeep was pulled forwards and experienced an immediate sharp pain in her lower back. Her claim was accepted for a lumbar strain/sprain and an L5/S1 disc herniation.
  3. 3. Medical status  Amandeep received numerous medical investigations and treatments including:  x-rays  a MRI  a CT scan  steroid injections  surgery  physiotherapy  rehabilitation and pain programs
  4. 4. Medical Status  The Workers’ Compensation Board has determined the following restrictions/limitations:  no prolonged walking, standing, or sitting  light work only  Amandeep reports no additional medical concerns.
  5. 5. Pre-injury job duties  As a baker’s assistant, Amandeep’s job duties included:  lifting and moving baking ingredients  using the mixer  transporting and rolling dough  cutting dough  dusting products with sugar  placing products on trays  ensuring that ordered products arrive  maintaining a log of orders (using Excel)  assisting with customer service  taking customers’ orders  cashing out at the end of shifts  daily clean-up.
  6. 6. Current vocational status  Amandeep’s injury disables her from performing her pre-injury job duties.  Debbie’s bakery has confirmed that there is not an alternative position available.  Amandeep thus has no position to return to.
  7. 7. Background Information  Amandeep was born in Punjab, India.  She immigrated to Canada in 1974 following her wedding.  She had three children and occupied her time as a home maker until all of her children graduated from high school.  In 1996, Amadeep began working part-time at Debbie’s bakery.  In 1997, she became a full-time, permanent employee.  Amandeep’s experience at Debbie’s bakery is her sole employment experience.  She obtained this position as a result of a contact.
  8. 8. Education / Computer knowledge  Amandeep completed high school in India.  Upon arrival in Canada, she partook in ESL courses and improved her English to an intermediate level.  She is able to verbally communicate effectively.  Amandeep can read English. She does; however, have difficulty writing English.  She describes herself as being comfortable using the internet, e-mail, and beginners’ level Microsoft Word and Excel.
  9. 9. Other vocational information  Amandeep is a social person and an active member of the Sikh community. She volunteers at the temple and other fundraising and community events.  She enjoys cooking, going for walks, and spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren.  Amandeep is anxious regarding her ability to find employment. She states that she is required to work to repay their debts of over $20 000. Her husband, whom is ten years her senior, is retired.  She is motivated to return to her pre injury life, including work. She notes that her family is very supportive, and her children assist financially whenever they can.
  10. 10. Return-to-work Barriers  Physical limitations as indicated on the WCB claim.  Limited work experience.  Limited language skills, in particular writing skills.  Amandeep’s high level of anxiety may impact her interview and test performance.
  11. 11. Job Development Resources: Work Assessment  WCB may cover work assessments to determine what employment positions are appropriate for Amandeep, taking into consideration her physical disabilities, her comfort level, and her work ethic and productivity.
  12. 12. Job Development Resources: On Site Training  As a financial incentive, WCB offers cost- sharing for employees requiring on site training. Amandeep has transferable skills; however, she may require a short period of training to meet the requirements of a prospective employer. She has demonstrated trainability in her prior work experience.
  13. 13. Job Development Resources: Networking  Amandeep is an active member in her community and has an extensive history of volunteering and participating in social, cultural and religious events. She likely has a wealth of contacts that can be explored during her employment search.
  14. 14. COBS Bread Since 2003, COBS Bread has grown to over 60 bakeries across three Canadian provinces.
  15. 15. Potential Employment Positions at COBS Bread  Bakery Manager  Assistant Bakery Manager  Production Manager  Production Team Leader  Baker  Junior Baker  Sales Manager  Sales Team Leader  Sales Assistant QuickTime™ and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  16. 16. Why COBS BREAD? QuickTime™ and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  17. 17. Why COBS Bread: Client’s Interests and Skills  Amandeep initially wished to return to work at Debbie’s Bakery.  Her impairments disable her from performing her pre-injury job duties and Debbie’s bakery has confirmed that there are no alternate positions available.  COBS Bread is likely able to provide Amandeep with a position that closely matches the job description of her previous position.
  18. 18. Why COBS Bread: Value development & support for staff  This bakery seem to place value in the development and support of its staff members.  All bakery staff participate in a regular staff performance review. Management also uses various performance tools to encourage staff success.  Employees and family members of COBS Bread have access to a third party Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which provides counselling and support regarding personal or work difficulties. It is completely confidential. QuickTime™ and aTIFF (Uncompressed) decompressorare needed to see this picture.
  19. 19. Why COBS Bread: Larger Company • According to Berkeley Planning Associates (1982) large firms are more likely to hire and accommodate persons with disabilities for the following reasons: • pre-existing affirmative action mechanisms • likelihood of encountering persons with disabilities due to sheer number of workers employed • much greater diversity in job types with more opportunity for hiring and greater flexibility in job assignments. QuickTime™ and aTIFF (Uncompressed) decompressorare needed to see this picture.
  20. 20. The Hiring Process at COBS BREAD • Depending on the position, COBS Bread may offer the job applicant a trial employment opportunity to determine whether the position is suitable. • Although not a formal job offer, the job applicant will be paid for this trial shift.
  21. 21. Presenting Amandeep • Amandeep will be presented as a trainable, reliable, and skilled employee. • It will be highlighted that although she began as a part-time baker’s assistant with little work experience, she was promptly offered a full-time position by her previous employer. • It will be presented that with 10 years of valuable service at Debbie’s Bakery, Amandeep has a great understanding of the daily operations of a bakery. • She has rotated through the many tasks of production and store front customer service. • In addition to excellent product knowledge, Amandeep has demonstrated her ability to work in a fast paced sales oriented environment.
  22. 22. Presenting Amandeep • Amandeep’s long history of employment will be presented to highlight her ability to maintain working relationships and contribute to a positive working environment. • In her personal life, Amandeep is a social and active person who truly enjoys people.
  23. 23. Suitable Position Within COBS Bread for Amandeep • Considering Amandeep’s work experience we recommend her for a supervisory position at the store front. • She may be trained to managing the daily operation of the bakery store front including: • Supervising staff • Scheduling • Training new employees on product knowledge, customer service and completing orders on excel • Opening and closing the tills. • Cash deposit at the end of the day. • Oversee the receiving and delivery of products. • Managing larger orders. QuickTime™ and aTIFF (Uncompressed) decompare needed to see this picture
  24. 24. Cheat Sheet for Presenting Amandeep to the Employer:  Use valuing language.  Emphasize job seeker’s ability to contribute.  Focus on job seeker’s interests, positive qualities, and skills.  Communicate that VRCs are skilled at assessing client’s strengths and needs, subsequently facilitating a job match.  Do not use ‘deficit marketing’ including negative descriptors.  Do not induce fear in an employer by using jargons unnecessarily.
  25. 25. A brief presentation on Amandeep to answer the employer's question, "Tell me about the job seeker?"
  26. 26. Amandeep  55 year old woman.  Wife, mother, and grandmother.  Socially active in her community.  Enjoys cooking, going for walks, and spending time with her family.  Languages: English and Punjabi.
  27. 27. Work Experience  In 1996, Amandeep began employment as a part-time baker’s assistant with little experience in the baking industry.  Shortly after she was offered a full- time, permanent position which she maintained for over 10 years.
  28. 28. What does this say about the Amandeep?
  29. 29. TRAINABLE
  30. 30. DEPENDABLE
  31. 31. SKILLED
  32. 32.  Knowledgeable about food safe practices.  Excellent interpersonal skills,  Able to work in fast paced environment.  Able to provide excellent customer service.
  33. 33. Job Specific Skills & Knowledge Accumulated: Production  Assisting Bakers with the operation of appliances, rolling and cutting dough, dusting products with sugar, and putting products on trays.
  34. 34. Job Specific Skills & Knowledge Accumulated: Store Front  Provide friendly and efficient customer service  Establish rapport with customers in the community  Selling products  Opening and closing cash registers  Process cash, debit and credit payments  Managing store presentation  Maintain order logs on Excel  Follow up on orders and delivery  Mentor new employees
  35. 35. Disclosure  The VRC would discuss with Amandeep options regarding disability disclosure to employer considering: whether to disclose, when to disclose, who should disclose and what to disclose.  If the VRC discloses the disability to the employer, they are required to obtain the client’s written consent.  The VRC would discuss information about the particular disability including providing the employer with a fact sheet with general disability information.
  36. 36. Disclosure  If Amandeep were to disclose to the employer she should discuss her specific physical disability and related WCB restrictions/limitations.  The VRC would empower Amandeep to present strengths and abilities but identify challenges and request workplace accommodations.  Amandeep and the employer would discuss possible workplace accommodations resulting from disclosure including: ability to take breaks, shorter shifts, have flexible light duty job tasks that vary sitting, standing, and walking.
  37. 37. Interview Preparation • Assess client’s current skills, talents, abilities, interests, accomplishments, achievements and work values – focus on the client’s strengths and positive work attributes. • Discuss support needs of the client including supports and job customization and ensure client is knowledgeable and familiar with possible accommodations needed. • Prepare in-hand information for client to refer to regarding support needs. • Teach interview techniques and skills. • Role-play interview and practice typical and targeted interview questions • Help client to update resume. • Assist client to become knowledgeable about the company and the potential position. • Help client prepare questions to ask the potential employer. • Advise client on appropriate verbal language, attire and body language. • Arrange a plan for attending the appointment – discuss location, getting there and arriving early.
  38. 38. Role of VRC: PRE-INTERVIEW • Establish contact with potential employer. • Provide general disability information to employer. • Gain employer’s trust, eliminate concerns, and explore job opportunities. • Provide introduction of client to employer focusing on client’s skills and strengths as an asset to the workplace. • Identify benefits of hiring client to employer. • Identify possibility for individualized job description. • Set-up interview between client and employer. • Establish any necessary accommodations for interview. • Learn about company’s disability related services and supports
  39. 39. Role of VRC: DURING INTERVIEW • Provide support to client during interview process. • Encourage client to answer questions regarding job customization. • Act as a resource for additional information on workplace accommodations if necessary. • Identify supports available to employer through Vocational Rehabilitation Professional. • Recognize anything missed or overlooked during the interview process. • Answer any additional questions if client is unable to do so.
  40. 40. Role of VRC: POST INTERVIEW • Debrief interview with client. • Address any client concerns. • Review and address any improvements in client’s interviewing skills. • Discuss client’s steps for follow-up to interview. • Follow-up with employer subsequent to client.