Cards for licensing game


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PDF of Cards for Licensing Game

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Cards for licensing game

  1. 1. Audio Video Image © PD CC‐BY Image  Text  Audio CC BY‐SA CC BY‐NC‐ CC‐BY SA
  2. 2. Image Audio Image © PD CC‐BY Video Text TextCC BY‐SA CC‐BY‐NC‐SA CC BY‐SA
  3. 3. AudioImage Image CC‐BY‐ CC BY © NC‐SA Video  Text Text  CC BY‐NC‐ CC BY‐NC‐CC BY‐SA SA SA
  4. 4. Image Text Image © PD CC BY Audio  Image Video  CC BY‐NC‐CC BY‐SA CC BY‐SA SA
  5. 5. Text Text  Audio  © PD CC BY Image  Video  Image CC BY‐NC‐ CC BY‐NC‐CC BY‐SA SA SA
  6. 6. Video Audio  Image © PD CC BY Video  Image Text  CC BY‐NC‐CC BY‐SA CC BY‐SA SA
  7. 7. Audio Video Text © PD CC BY Text  Image Audio CC BY‐NC‐CC BY‐SA CC BY‐SA SA
  8. 8. Image Audio Image © PD CC BY Image Text  VideoCC BY‐SA CC BY‐SA CC BY‐SA
  9. 9. Text Text Audio © PD CC BY Video Image Video CC BY‐NC‐CC BY‐SA CC BY‐SA SA
  10. 10. Video Audio Text © PD CC BY Audio Image Video CC BY‐NC‐CC BY‐SA CC BY SA