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Growth Philanthropy Network Case Study Proposal


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Growth Philanthropy Network Case Study Proposal

  1. 1. ONLINE ENGAGEMENT PROPOSALGROWTH PHILANTHROPY NETWORK  May 21, 2013  WiT  MEDIA  1178  Broadway,  4th  Floor,  New  York  NY  10001    TEL  212-­‐334-­‐1810  FAX  877-­‐570-­‐9551    www.wit-­‐    
  2. 2. WiT will concept and design upgrades to Growth Philanthropy Network’sonline relationship with funders and mid-level nonprofits.This plan will allow GPN to:•  Reach high-income donors and funder organizations•  Increase brand recognition of Growth Philanthropy Network and theSocial Impact Exchange•  Showcase the S&I 100 and drive enrollment for 2013 SIE conference via ahighly trackable, rich media campaign across multiple online channels•  Engage existing members with high-quality email engagement tracking  GROWTH PHILANTHROPYNETWORK CAMPAIGN GOALS
  3. 3. Establish brand identity online by engaging target audiences acrossmultiple online channels•  Online ad placements–  CASE Network–  Google AdWords–  Google Display•  Track-able eblasts–  reinforced withbrochures andtargeted mailouts•  Social media promotion–  Twitter–  Linked In•  YouTube video syndicationONLINE BRANDING:MULTICHANNEL OUTREACH
  4. 4. CASE AD NETWORKRich media adplacement, targeted tohigh-net-worth investorsCASE adnetwork placing includes:,,,,,,,,,,,  
  5. 5. CASE AD NETWORKCASE Network providesdata for advancedengagement tracking
  6. 6. Determine where site receivestraffic•  Test content and design•  Adjust based on insightsCASE HEAT MAPPING
  7. 7. CASE Ad Network Columbia Campaign• Impressions: 658,402• Clicks: 402 (.07% CTR)• Engagement: 1.75% (11,401 interactions)CASE AD NETWORK CASESTUDY: COLUMBIA
  8. 8. Capture specific keywordsearches, connect to landingpages, and track impressionsand click-through-ratesGoogle AdWords•  Targeted keywordsGoogle Display•  Banner ads displayed overnetwork based on keywords,interest topics, audiencedemosCOST PER CLICK ADS
  9. 9. COST PER CLICK ADS CASESTUDY: HAY ADAMSGoogle AdWords Hay-AdamsCampaign•  Impressions: 50,231•  Clicks: 5,464•  CTR: 5.57%
  10. 10. Track open rate and click-through rate on dedicatedemail blasts•  Constant contact•  IcontactEMAIL ENGAGEMENT CASE STUDY:PEN WORLD VOICES FESIVALCULTURADAR: DEDICATED EMADedicat•  OpenRead•  Sent(appr•  Open•  CTR:Culturadar dedicated email:•  Sent to 5,000+•  Open rate: >20%•  CTR: >5%
  11. 11. Highly specific print mailer campaigns keep your organization at top-of-mindAbility to target:•  Income, age, geographic location•  Organizations by industry type•  Board members•  Compare across mailing lists to determine which recipients are mostlikely to interactComplement in-person interactions with high-quality print materialEg brochures featuring:•  Funder Working Groups•  S&I 100 organization profiles•  S&I 100 nomination procedures•  SIE Conference on Scaling ImpactCreative can be shared between print and email campaignsBEST PRACTICES: SUPPORTINGEMAIL WITH PRINT
  12. 12. ImpressionsNumber  of  Mmes  users  saw  your    Promoted  Tweet  in  their  Timelines  EngagementsTotal  number  of  Mmes  users    interacted  with  your  Promoted  Tweets    RetweetsNumber  of  Mmes  users  Retweeted    your  Promoted  Tweet  FollowsNumber  of  Followers  you  acquired  as  a  direct  result  of  your  Promoted  Tweet  EREngagement  Rate  (benchmark:  0.99%)  eCPEEffecMve  Cost  per  Engagement  (benchmark:  $1.25)  401k5,394224207$0.681.34%PROMOTED TWEETS CASE STUDY:AMNHImpressionsNumber  of  Mmes  users  saw    your  Promoted  Account  FollowsTotal  number  of  Mmes  users    followed  your  account  FRFollow  Rate  (benchmark:  0.22%)  CPFCost  per  Follower  (benchmark:  $2.52)  872k4,839$1.690.55%Promoted Tweets-Total Spend: $3,642*Data  from  12/5/12-­‐5/1/13    Promoted Tweets-Total Spend: $4,604
  13. 13. Increased growth with promoted accounts*9/30/08  -­‐  4/23/13  5/31/11: First PAccampaigns begin10/1/12: 2nd IO w/PAcs beginsPROMOTED TWEETS CASESTUDY: AMNH
  14. 14. Keyword targeting: driven by moments of context and intention1. Brand specifies keywords to target 2. User Tweets or engageswith a Tweet that matchesto the specified keywords3. Brand’s promoted tweetis served to that userPROMOTED TWEETS CASESTUDY: AMNH
  15. 15. Target Industries:•  Nonprofits•  FinanceTarget Groups: ‘Philanthropy’•  Philanthropy•  Donors•  NonprofitsLINKED IN AD BANNERS & CPC
  16. 16. OnLok LinkedIn Campaign• Impressions: 294,451• Clicks/CTR: 76/0.026%LINKED IN CASE STUDY: ONLOK
  17. 17. KEY ANALYTICSCase: MD Anderson20PLACEMENTSMost Viewed – United StatesRecently Popular – Nonprofits and ActivismRecently Popular – All CategoriesMost Viewed – TexasMost Viewed – OklahomaMost Viewed – Louisiana210,637 total views5.3% additional free trafficYTM YOUTUBE SYNDICATION
  18. 18. YTM YOUTUBE SYNDICATIONYTM maximizesviews and engagesviewers on socialnetwork platformsthrough:•  organic views•  targetdemographicidentification•  SEO optimization
  19. 19. ContactClint White, PresidentKristen Earls, Director1178 Broadway, Floor 4New York, NY