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  1. 1. excalibur<br />Medina Ticona Katherinne <br />
  2. 2. Merlin to hear what were the troubles of King Uther decided to help and told him a stone exsistia powerful, who had the power to give eternal life and give the maximum power over others, moreover, that with this sword battle never lost lagoon Uther did not take and accept the proposal and told him where I could get it, Merlin levo lake where a woman took his hands and a exacaliburentrgo, but Merlin Uther made him promise that in exchange for the sword he should give his first child, and Uther was mesmerized with such power that the sword merely transmitting accept this promise without realizing what was promised <br />CHAPTER 1 <br />
  3. 3. CHAPTER 2 <br />In the second chapter King Uther had her first child was born and as soon Merlin Uther told of the promise he had made and had to give your child. The queen knew nothing of this promise so hurt to learn at the same time gave a lot of anger not being able to have her baby. Uther asked him not to take him, but Merlin took him. Uther wanted it removed, but Merlin inmobilitión them with his powers and soon disappeared. Once the spell was broken Uther went to look, but found none. As it is searching for a robber attacked forest, Uther realizes that he was about to die so the few forces that had managed to get up and placed the sword on a rock and said aloud that merlin to hear the only one who would take this sword from the rock would be the heir of England <br />
  4. 4. Chapter 3 <br />In the third chapter a few years after the death of Uther All residents fought contests and even made to remove the sword from the stone and become the kings of England. <br />However, there was a gentleman named Kay, who had raised the son of King Arthur Uther. One day Kay was going to compete in a fight for which he needed his sword, er by Arthur Kay forgot to serve the sword had to carry the fight, then went through the forest in search of a sword and saw Arthur a sword was a rock a heartbeat and sack all the people heard of this event to see what made a reverence and respect. <br />Merlin told Kay and everyone else that he was the king of England, the son of King Uther and be who would rule England. <br />In the course of looking for Merlin and get his son a thief Aa stabbed in the back then Uther, Uther tells Merlin that he has already served and as I was dying to make his son a king. Then lifted with all his strength and Excalibur puts on a rock and Merlin told him all that rock will take this next King of England <br />
  5. 5. Chapter 4 <br />in chapter four was Camelot King Arthur when he sees a girl, she was the daughter of the king of Baron carmelideleodegran asking him for help because her father was being attacked, as he was attracted by it is in their best knights fight with Baron. <br />won the battle before you go tell the King Arthur Baron de q her daughter was beautiful and wanted to marry her, her father said that he thought that no man deserved his daughter but nevertheless realized that Arturo if he could marry his daughter. <br />Arthur returns to Camelot and see that England was more unified and then says that all celebrate this unification. <br />Arthur Guinevere takes a place away from the marriage celebration and asked, excited Guinevere agrees to marry Arturo <br />
  6. 6. In Chapter Five returns with Arthur Guinevere after visiting his father and tell of the marriage with a group of gentlemen in the course of his return is a hill that was on fire and then leave the knights and went to see what that's what happened. <br />When he was completely alone on the hill maleagant the attacks and kidnaps her, when they had calmed Guinevere tells him that he always wanted to marry her then q ellla said however could not reciprocate the follow Forsan but behind them was Guinevere Lancelot and see what was being attacked. <br />Lancelot comes and knocks Maleagant, when he was going to strike again and realizes died .the account Arturo was what happened then as a sign of gratitude makes Sir Lancelot, but there was always a gentleman who held the first position called Sir Gawain saw his recognition as the best knight Lancelot <br />Chapter 5<br />
  7. 7. Chapter 6 <br />In chapter six the King Arthur created a roundtable invites all his knights, Lancelot That makes sense to your right and your left Gawain which makes most zealous sintiece Gawain and Lancelot thought that was the favorite. <br />Q Arthur had to visit her father the King Baron Gawain takes time to lend a Lancelot.Gawaintranpa to write a letter reveals Lancelot was in love with the Queen but did not want to betray q ue King Arthur, when the Queen read the letter Lancelot does call and demands an explanation, says q Lancer was not written by their hands and that if he loved his queen and also whether king. she loves her and does not take imports to this problem they was to play chess in that fingers and Reyna shok she to assume the hand kiss then tells him that if I would do just as his queen, and a my King Arthur comes from his trip and sees the tower of the Queen lancelot was not caring but rather asks because Gawain and Lancelot was not at his post the answers he had found the tower alone and that's why he was there but this was not a desert. <br />arturo enter un her bedroom and saw the queen and go lacelot very close to it, he feels angry and betrayed, the queen will try to explain what happened but Arthur was not the attention<br />
  8. 8. Chapter 7 <br />in chapter seven merlin was walking through the woods and sees a young girl who had a lot of potential with the magic if you choose to help so tantoto approaches her and asks what it was called the replies that his name was Morgan, Merlin said it had special features that could make her a great hechisera, but she replied that he wanted to destroy the world, then hearing this Merlin said he will not do magic without your permission and can not use Magic in the negative. Merlin tells Morgan of the problems we had in Camelot and said that a woman could have serious problems, not resitio Morgan and did something that harms Arthur and Merlin had taught him through her crystal ball she saw Gawain had done it so decided to encourage more problems and became Guinevere and Lancelot was looking for, then riding Lancelot encontrba seen in the distance when approaching a girl and see that it was the Queen and suddenly kisses him, then away from him and becomes an eagle, Gawain saw this immediately tells Arthur and this angered the rate of the round table to Lancelot and exiled. Gawain saw that was not thought that Lancelot would be the favorite now <br />
  9. 9. Chapter 8 <br />Guinevere in the eighth chapter tried to explain that is not true what you have been told however asked him to leave it alone so you can think derrepente Merlin appears and tells him that he had committed the great mistake of not asking him Guinevere is what she was doing. <br />Merlin tells Arthur to summon all his knights to a meeting that he had something urgent to say, once you all together Merlin told that England was sharply divided in their crystal ball then teaches them a drink and tells them that this was the holy grail and if they were we would have peace, Arthur sends all his knights to search for that drink. <br />Melrin back to where Morgan lived and find training a child to fight as a soldier because I thought that might occupy the throne of King Arthur. Seeing this Merlin gets angry and tells her she can not teach magic to anyone else, she replied that he would not be if it was going to teach his son Mordred, however this was not true <br />
  10. 10. Chapter 9 <br />in chapter nine Arturo do not know what England was sharply divided, Guinevere tells Lancelot he needed as he was the only one who could help, then Arthur realizes that it was true that he needed to if that sends a lancelot knights to search for. <br />I was walking the knights in search of Lancelot and a tree out morgan and think that the end of Arthur and was near and becomes and goes to meet his son who was in Avalon, when she lay Mordred was furious because had not eaten lunch and it was no train no contact with society. <br />Mordred tells Morgan that she would die and that he had to become the new king of England, his eyes get started Mordred made as an animal and then tells him to get on his back is toward the ban paraise .Merlin I had seen this conversation had to punish them for the use of magic , but also had a message to give Morgan <br />
  11. 11. Chapter 10 <br />in Chapter 10 Arturo came from the east or the west Mordred, but entities that Arthur had sent his last knight lancelot find whether he had to fight alone against Mordred alone, Mordred strikes him first, then attacked Arthur Mordred or gives up and returns to attack, then hurt him with Excalibur Arthur and Mordred dies, but Arthur was too hurt and just before death comes and Arthur Lancelot Lancelot instructs him to carry the sword into the lake that there would be safer and you would like Lancelot convert the king of England because it would be a good king, Arthur and Lancelot dies bear the sword in the lake that is that hands out of the lake just surrender and then realizes that England never united strategy that will always remain divided but have the hope that someone will unify<br />