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Resume Preparation Tips


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Resume Preparation Tips For the perfect resume log on

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Resume Preparation Tips

  1. 1. Resresume preparation Tips
  2. 2. Include relevant experience
  3. 3. Responsibilities and achievements should be listed using bullets
  4. 4. information on your education
  5. 5. Always tailor your resume to the specific position
  6. 6. Contact information and name should always be on the top of the resume
  7. 7. Resume should always be clear, neat and easy to read
  8. 8. spellings and grammatical errors should be evaded
  9. 9. skills, educations and experiences should be clearly pointed
  10. 10. Personal details should clear and tact
  11. 11. hobbies and interest should be avoided
  12. 12. “Thank you” Resresume preparation Tips Brought to you by