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Holiday Inn Express Digital Marketing Campaign


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Fictional example of a digital marketing campaign for Holiday Inn Express Resorts - Bahamas.

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Holiday Inn Express Digital Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Campaign
  2. 2. Graphics “Go Tropical with Holiday Inn Express Bahamas”
  3. 3. Holiday Inn Express Resorts BahamasObjectives1. Increase awareness of the new Holiday Inn Express Bahamas Resort.2. Increase the room occupancy level at the resort.3. Gain Twitter followers, Facebook Likes, and page views on their website.4. Acquire customers from the competition, Atlantis Bahamas Resort5. Overall increase sales and ROI.
  4. 4. Target Audience Families who like to travel Couples who want a tropical getaway Women ages 25-54 are the primary target. In particular, mothers and wives/girlfriends ages 25-54 should be targeted.
  5. 5. Pinterest Contest Pinterest is used heavily by the target audience’s demographic. Contest: Design a creative pinboard of their dream vacation in the Bahamas. Require that participants follow Holiday Inn Express on Pinterest Holiday Inn Express Bahamas would award prizes to the top three pinboards. The first prize would be an all-inclusive, fully-paid trip to the new Bahamas resort.
  6. 6. PinterestAge and Gender Demographics 67.4% of users are Ages 25-54 68% are women
  7. 7. PinterestChildren and Annual Household Income 28% of users have an annual household income of $100,000+ 50% of Pinterest users are parents
  8. 8. Google Adwords  Google Adword Honeymoon Campaign  Example keywords: tropical honeymoon, honeymoon resorts, resorts for honeymoons, Bahamas resorts, Bahamas honeymoon, Holiday Inn Express Bahamas, Holiday Inn Express honeymoon, and Atlantis Bahamas  Google Adword Family Campaign  Example keywords: family trip to Bahamas, Bahamas family resorts, Bahamas resorts for families, and tropical family vacations  Different ads to promote honeymoon packages, family packages, and other discounts/promotions.
  9. 9. Budget Recommended Budget = $250,000 Budget method as Percentage of Sales method This budget will reasonably meet the objectives considering:  Cost of Google Adwords CPC  Prizes for the contest  Labor at about $200 an hour for digital media agency work
  10. 10. Tactics  Increase traffic and awareness by gaining followers, friends, and page views.  Promote Pinterest contest through Facebook and Twitter.  Launch Google Adwords Campaign.  Use Keywords that divert potential Atlantis customers to Holiday Inn Express Resorts instead.ReferencesThe New Rules of Marketing & PRThe New Media Drivers LicenseMashable, Pinterest demographics: