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Reflections #1 from marketingFOLIO's 2013 3PL Social Business Readiness Benchmark Study


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REFLECTIONS are selected early findings from our independent research to benchmark the influence of Social Software, Sites, Networks & Communities on commercial and business operations in the logistics services industry. The online survey was launched in February 2013 and will remain open through May.

Here's the link:

Our goal is to understand how companies are currently using and planning to use 'social media' strategies to advance their business objectives--and how effective the results are proving. These are questions that logistics executives, marketers, and many others are asking. With this study, we will uncover what companies are really doing today in the social universe and what further initiatives they are planning. And not just 3PLs; we are reaching out to the entire logistics services supply chain, including equipment manufacturers and dealers, technology providers and integrators, consultants and recruiters, et al.

This survey is designed to capture the data needed to benchmark social business maturity and vision, comparing responses within and across logistics industry segments, and then comparing the overall results against findings from other research conducted in the general business and industrial B2B sectors.

As there are divergent views of 'social business' potential, to maximize the benchmarking value of this research, we encourage you to share the survey link with others in your organization--so that they can add their perspectives (including C-level, managers and staff from marketing, sales, customer support, operations, recruiting, HR, and IT). The richer the data, the better our analysis, . . . the more useful the insights.


marketingFOLIO is a marketing services firm specialized in B2B commercial strategy for engineering-oriented, operations-focused, sales-driven companies. We help clients understand market dynamics and develop differentiated value, and work collaboratively with them to create and manage the strategies, processes, and programs they need to accelerate business growth and market advantage.

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Reflections #1 from marketingFOLIO's 2013 3PL Social Business Readiness Benchmark Study

  1. 1. B Primary Business Challenges over the Next 2 Years Primary Challenges over the Next 2 Years 3PL Social Business Readiness 2013 Benchmark Study Reflections #1 [ N=70 3.17.13 ] Logistics industry executives perceive the need to deploy social technologies as business tools (A), but A are not yet connecting the dots between what they need to compete (B) and how social strategies might B enhance advantage or reduce friction in the supply chain (C). C Importance of Social Technologies C Awareness of Social Strategies in the Supply Chain A Importance of Social Technologies© 2013 marketingFOLIO INSIGHTS WORTH SHARING @kvcanipelli