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Introducing The Marketing Alliance - 7March2016


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Introducing The Marketing Alliance - 7March2016

  1. 1. a work in progress March 2015 The Marketing Alliance Katherine Canipelli + Ken Kish + Cynthia Levesque + Scott Fields Capabilities & Services Creating Demand Generating Opportunities Realizing Value
  2. 2. The Marketing Alliance is a small team of independent marketing professionals who have joined forces to provide cost-effective programs for companies that want to: • Create foundational marketing platforms and outreach on a limited budget • Find growth opportunities more efficiently and increase market awareness to accelerate new business acquisition • Realign sales, marketing, and customer support activities to overcome slow or negative growth • Enhance perceived value and reputation to counter competitive market pressure We’re the Virtual Marketing Department that you’ve dreamt about. The Marketing Alliance brings together exceptionally diverse talents and perspectives—offering practical, versatile and scalable solutions. We are former senior level corporate marketers who chose the independent professional path. Our collective experience spans work with new venture startups to Middle Market to Global 2000 enterprises, from industrial B2B to retail B2C channels to media entertainment, and from local to international markets. And we frequently tap into our global professional networks for special insight, introductions, unique capabilities, and extra capacity. We think strategically and work efficiently, collaborating to get the right things done well, designed with outcomes in mind. Success is all about doing a few things exceptionally well with market insights, agile strategy, persuasive creative, and disciplined execution 2 Katherine Canipelli Ken Kish Cynthia Levesque Scott Fields
  3. 3. BOFU Conversion Content One to Many One to OneOne to a Targeted Few TOFU-MOFU Promotions Content Targeted SellingMarket Positioning Acct-Based MarketingLead Generation Facilitating Marketing & Sales Effectiveness from Strategy to Outcomes Here’s an overview of our core capabilities and modular solutions approach: Core Content Assets Demand Generation Customer Experience Research Market & Brand Assessments Customer Data Analysis Market Planning & Development Buyer Personas & Profiles Segmentation Strategies Strategic Alignment Tactical Priorities Creating Demand Generating Opportunities Realizing Value Context Understanding through Research Commercialization Defining Foundations Communications Guiding Conversations Campaigns Building Trust & Commitment Project Management Team Collaboration Executive Interviews Web Surveys Focus Groups Community Forums CRM & Lists Data Analytics Mind Mapping Visualization Tools Website Design/Hosting CMS & Content Library A/B Testing Marketing Automation Site Analytics Social Analytics Online Events On-Demand Access Email Marketing Social Marketing Progressive Profiling Tech Platforms Brand Identity Digital Marketing & Channels Value-Based Messages Creative Designing for Impressions
  4. 4. Target Segment Prospects 1,000 companies Non-Candidates (don’t buy what you offer) 400 companies Candidates (buy what you offer) 600 companies High Nurtures ~7% = 40/600 40 companies Qualified Leads ~3% = 20/600 20 companies Low Nurtures 90% = 540/600 540 companies Invest Less CRM Systems Digital + Event Content + Community Social + Network Inbound + Outbound Advertising + PR Market & Brand Assessments Customer Experience Research Customer Data Analysis Target Market 5,000 companies Market Universe 10,000 companies Account-Based Marketing Current Perception Positioning Objectives Lead Generation Evangelist Advocate Loyalist Filtered Opportunities 50% = 10 companies For Best Results, We Design Solutions with Outcomes in Mind Negotiate & Close Deals 80% - 8 new accounts Customer Experience + Journey Invest More 100 % ROI SCENARIO • $1MM marketing investment • $8MM new revenue closed • 8 deals closed @ $1MM each • 25% gross profit = $2MM (gross profit – marketing investment) marketing investment Marketing Automation Multi-Channel Campaigns Velocity Predictability Integrated Campaign Management Strategic Marketing Alignment Perceived Value Insights Core Content Segmentation + Lists Buyer Personas + Profiles Value-Based Messaging Lead Management Funnel Analytics Relationship & Retention Core Content Assets Goals & Metrics Campaign Development Demand Generation Content Development TOFU-MOFU-BOFU Testing & Monitoring Personalization Progressive Profiling Digital Marketing & Channels
  5. 5. Marketing & Sales Applications Social Media for Business (core) Intelligence & Analytics Applications Collaboration Platforms & Project Management We’re Experienced with the Tools of the Trade and picking up more every day to help our clients improve results 5
  6. 6. The Marketing Alliance offering scalable best practices solutions backed by our network of specialists Let’s talk about how we can help you improve your marketing & sales effectiveness—and accelerate growth cost-effectively. Katherine Canipelli 203-453-8949 Ken Kish 740-972-5175 Creating Demand Generating Opportunities Realizing Value