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Brochure Draft


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Children of the Easel brochure, inside section

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Brochure Draft

  1. 1. What We’re All About:Our Mission: Children of the Easel is a new kindof independently-owned mission. It is aproject designed to bring together the artand cultural of various countries.Connecting: It draws in art lovers, aswell as those looking to take a step fur- Incorporating: When a patron walks through thether in their lives; with adoption. As pa-trons walk through each exhibit, they are exhibits they are also challenged to look further Our Focus: into each culture, that being the children there.introduced to not only coming-of artists, The brokenness between cultures, as well Each exhibit has a concentration on a orphanagebut also children in those cultures look- as the loss of the beauty in the arts, brings this mis- in need, in that same for a home. sion to a rise. Children of the Easel wishes to bring Reaching Out: At the end of the exhibit visitors together not just people, but cultures, and not justInteracting: Each gallery that is explored have an option to go through with their adoption hearts, but souls.draws the visitors attention to the idea through our agency. We also provide our services To shine a little light on the joy of adoptionthat we are all one, that despite our cul- to any family that has a heart to reach out to those in a new way, expressed through art, cultural differ-tural differences, we all have a heart; the in need. If adoption is not totally what a patron is ences, and need.idea of each exhibit is to bring out that looking to do, there is also the opportunity to pur-exact idea. To shed a light on those who chase the paintings in the galleries. All profitsfeel they can not reach the un-loved, or CHILDREN OF THE EASEL from the galleries are directed to the coming-oftouch the broken; we bring light upon artists, as well as the specific adoption agencies. Change: All of this is what brings a spin to Chil- dren of the Easel; it incorporates more than just art, but also the art of the hearts that need us the most. Along with profiting. agencies and new art- ists, visitors have the chance to donate to any agency of their choice; just another way to reach out to those in need, that we can not person- ally reach.