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Twitter for Business in Asia

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  1. 1. Twitter for Business Audio: Listen to the presentation using your computer speakers or via a USB headset.
  2. 2. Social Media Belts Social Media Social Media Social Media White Belt Red Belt Black Belt Understand Participate Lead
  3. 3. Twitter for Business A White Belt Training
  4. 4. Moderator Thomas Crampton @thomascrampton Asia-Pacific Director | 360 Digital Influence Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  5. 5. Question Panel What city are you joining us from?
  6. 6. Twitter Hashtag #T4biz
  7. 7. April 2009 501 Aussie Journos December 2008 on Twitter Dell Generates $1 Million from Twitter April 2008 Comcast Uses March 2007 Twitter to Help Twitter wins Customers SXSW Award June 2009 More than 2 billion Tweets April 2009 Ashton Beats CNN to 1,000,000 followers April 2007 November Obama Joins 2008 Twitter The Real Shaq joins Twitter July 2006 Twitter Goes Live
  8. 8. Get Smart!: Get Smart HK is a good example that demonstrates how SME’s can too use Twitter at their service to engage with customers, raise business revenues and enhance the efficiency of both internal and external communication. Get Smart! Hong Kong is a local agency that offers a variety of classes targeted at women, including financial management for shopaholics seminars, meditation classes, and women discussion events. Other than using Twitter to establish conversation and inform members about exclusive discounts and events, Get Smart’s HK uses Twitter mainly to help the club raise the profiles of up-coming speakers prior a new event or course.
  9. 9. Pure Yoga Hong Kong: Pure Yoga HK is the among the few services that integrates twitter in their business model and has succeeded in becoming among the most influential twitter voices in Hong Kong. Pure Yoga uses Twitter to tell members about new courses, also to update course content, and to inform members of class venue, date and time. Twitter is also part of PureYoga’s CRM strategy, where not only do they use their Twitter page as an active exchange platform between instructors and students, but they also use Twitter to give special promotions and benefits to followers to maintainbrand loyalty. PureYoga’s twitter voice is also a physical manifestation of their service counter that enables staff to answer questions real-time from anyone, anywhere
  10. 10. The W Hotel (HK): The W Hotel uses Twitter to reinforce their brand image and to communicate directly with their guests. Not only does Twitter allows The Mira to give high quality one-to-one conduit service to customers without actual face to face contact, the hotel can tweet suite promotions, new events and menus, special buffet alerts to a fan-base of nearly 500 followers. W Hotel’s twitter strategy shows W Hotel’s on-going efforts in maintaining high level of online interactivity with loyal customers, while simultaneously catching the attention of new customers (globally!) by constantly updating their latest services and products that might interest twitter users with related passions points.
  11. 11. Singapore Airlines (SG): Singapore Airlines’ twitter initiative began April 2009 as the replacement for time-consuming and insensitive SMS flight updates for a quick and effective communication method that would reach would inform passengers right away about their delayed flights with just one tweet. Delays to flights are often unpredictable and the airline needed to update passengers their flight status, as well as sooth nerves. Singapore Airlines updates followers daily of which planes each day are wi-fi equipped and seeks their feedback on everything from new destinations to flight menus ideas to service levels on the plane. The Airline also uses twitter to talk about tourist attractions, advertise flight promotions and answer customer queries.
  12. 12. Red Bull Energy Drink (SG): Tweets are mostly on Redbull’s events and interaction with its fans.. Red Bull uses Twitter to promote a range of Red Bull sponsored sports events such as Red Bull Street Style Singapore, and CSR activities including Red Bull Music Academy. The company calls for fans actively in their twitter space by asking for “Wiing’s Members” being the drink that gives you wiings (that’s the way they spell it!) Red Bull’s twitter strategy is fully integrated with their greater marketing campaign with tweets that link followers to their latest branded iPhone game “Red Bull X-Fighter” as well as their Facebook fanpage. Red Bull also post comments and photos about the newest sports scores and news to further reinforce their physical and active brand image.
  13. 13. LEGO (SG): Lego tries to position themselves as a customer oriented toy brand by using twitter to educate consumers on new and better ways to use products. Wrapped around one “social” idea, Lego’s Twitter strategy goes hand in hand with the Lego Ambassador’s program as well as the brand’s fan communities on other online platforms. “Super Users” from Lego’s Ambassador’s Program has been hired to drive Lego’s twitter voice. Lego’s Twitter strategy is a good example of what a brand should be doing to encourage passionate fans to create and share content, in this case being how to use Legos creatively .Technologically adept Lego fans had been connecting to each other for years; how could Lego extend this to less-technical adults and children? Through Twitter, Lego harnessed the power of using power of super users to help others connect and share ideas. Follower’s feedback are also captured to improve innovation and new product developments.
  14. 14. In Australia, the annual growth rate for Twitter is 3,200% over the past year.
  15. 15. As of May 2009, Twitter received more than 20 million unique monthly visitors (UMVs), surpassing many mainstream news sites such as
  16. 16. A study from Sysomos shows the top 10% of Twitter users make up for more than 86% of the total Tweets – pointing out that the more followers a person has the more frequently they are likely to Tweet.
  17. 17. Speaker Brian Giesen | @bdgiesen Regional Director 360 Digital Influence Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  18. 18. 360° Digital Influence Twitter for Business Using Twitter to Gain a Competitive Advantage
  19. 19. Twitter-genda 01 What is Twitter and why businesses should care 02 Twitter strategy: customer relations 03 Twitter strategy: product promotion & sales 04 Twitter strategy: crisis management 05 Twitter strategy: event activation 06 Twitter strategy: issue advocacy 07 Twitter strategy: corporate reputation management
  20. 20. What is Twitter?
  21. 21. You can Tweet by using: • •  Desktop applications •  Mobile devices
  22. 22. Setting up a Twitter handle 1.  Include brand name. The name of the company should be included in at least your bio, and ideally your handle as well. 2.  Tweet transparently. Disclose whether the handle will be maintained by one individual or a team of people within the company. 3.  Use a real photo. Use a real photo as your followers will want to see that you’re a real person. Enlist a designer to jazz it up. 4.  Protect against brand jacking. Consider registering variations of your brand (i.e. Nike, Nikeshoes, etc) in an effort to protect against brand jacking. 5.  Create a Twitter schedule. Define the roles and responsibilities internally among your team members. 6.  Don’t protect updates. Unless you have a real business reason, a tendency to be insulting, or something to hide. 7.  Upload a custom background. Give your profile personality by uploading a custom background image (minimum: 1280×1024 pixels).
  23. 23. Strategic approach to Twitter
  24. 24. Quick Poll What would be your top key objective for using Twitter in your business?
  25. 25. Ogilvy’s 3-step methodology for using Twitter A strategic approach •  Start by identifying your business or communications objective for using Twitter: –  Customer service –  Product promotion and sales –  Crisis management –  Event activation –  Issues advocacy –  Corporate reputation management •  No matter the objective, our approach involves 3 steps
  26. 26. Ogilvy’s 3-step methodology for using Twitter A strategic approach 1. FOLLOW 2. CREATE 3. ENGAGE
  27. 27. Business objective: Improve customer service
  28. 28. Customer service example: Telstra’s BigPond became the first telco to join Twitter in Australia. The company uses Twitter to troubleshoot problems customers are having with their Internet service.
  29. 29. Business objective: Improving customer service 1.  Follow –  People talking about your products/services –  Search using or TweetScan Anyone who has –  Use organisation tools such as TweetDeck to customers – B2C, B2B, track new mentions G2B, G2C – can use Twitter to quickly listen 2.  Create and respond to customers –  A Twitter handle with clear personality to build goodwill and –  Tweet information relevant to your customers: address problems before proactive tips, company information, etc. they escalate into a crisis. 3.  Engage –  Answer questions about your product/service –  Respond to comments about your brand –  Direct people to helpful info on your site –  Direct message for specific issues
  30. 30. Business objective: Promote a product or service
  31. 31. Product promotion example: @VodafoneNews_AU Vodafone Australia uses Twitter to share exclusive promotions and special offers for its products and services – from wireless Internet to deals on iPhones.
  32. 32. Business objective: Promote a product or service 1.  Follow –  People talking about your products/services –  Clarify that the account will primarily be used for A successful sales and promotions and deals promotion plan is based on identifying your audience, 2.  Create providing useful content, and being prepared to engage in –  Links to online promotions, insider info on upcoming sales, discount codes the conversation. When done right, your followers will not –  Consider offering Twitter-only exclusives to only become loyal customers, reward loyal followers but also evangelists for your brand and your promotions. 3.  Engage –  Check direct messages and replies frequently –  Answer questions and feedback –  Provide information when needed
  33. 33. Business objective: Manage and respond to a crisis
  34. 34. Crisis management example: Twitter was one of the ways that many organisations got the word out and communicated during the Victorian bush fires, including volunteer fire fighters.
  35. 35. Business objective: Manage and respond to a crisis 1.  Follow –  Identify the right person to represent you on Twitter –  People talking about your brand or topic Using Twitter for crisis –  Follow those who are positive and negative communications is as much about preventing an isolated 2.  Create issue from becoming a full- –  Post real-time updates that address the status of blown crisis as it is about your issue, what you’re doing to fix it communicating to the public once a crisis has hit. –  You’ll need more than 140 characters – so link to a Twitter is the fast way to response on a separate blog or Web site respond and maintain an –  Clearly outline the steps you are taking open channel. 3.  Engage –  Respond to questions and comments from customers, influencers and media –  Act within the first 24 hours, and direct people to other customer service channels
  36. 36. Business objective: Event activation
  37. 37. Event activation example: The @Lenovo2008 Twitter handle was used by Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence Group for the Beijing Olympics for our Lenovo client.
  38. 38. Business objective: Event activation 1.  Follow –  1-2 months out, follow discussion about the event –  Follow people talking about attending, media, The real-time ability to speakers connect with others and share experiences makes 2.  Create Twitter a great platform for –  An event-specific hash tag individuals, or companies, to use during a major event. –  Behind-the-scenes coverage, updates from keynotes and panel discussions Live-Tweeting an event brings the event to people who –  Links to video, photos, podcasts or blog posts couldn’t attend in person. 3.  Engage –  Coordinate Tweet-ups –  Talk to people who are attending your event –  Ask and answer questions from attendees
  39. 39. Business objective: Advocate an issue or cause
  40. 40. Issue advocacy example: IBM’s Smarter Planet Australia campaign uses Twitter to talk about how to use technology to create a “smarter planet” – making our systems run more efficiently and smarter.
  41. 41. Business objective: Advocating an issue or cause 1.  Follow –  Those interested in your cause, Twitter’s ability to connect industry leaders, news people with similar interests can be harnessed for the 2. Create greater social good with non- profits and issue advocacy –  Added value: health tips, disaster organisations creating a alerts, fundraising info community and providing useful information to those 3. Engage they serve, volunteers, donors and other supporters. –  Know your followers –  Thank them for support, get them involved
  42. 42. In summary
  43. 43. Get Flickr image: Additional resources:
  44. 44. CONTACT One company that goes with this online-initiated flow is Ogilvy Public Relations. Thomas Crampton Asia-Pacific Director | 360° Digital Influence Ogilvy Hong Kong p +852 6397 1662 e t @thomascrampton 25 China Experts you should follow on Twitter… Thomas Crampton Brian Giesen Regional Director | 360° Digital Influence Ogilvy Sydney p +61 2 8281 3853 e Ogilvy's digital specialist Brian Giesen outlined the best strategies for getting business results on social networking site Twitter. t @bdgiesen For case studies...