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SCCAN presentation Climate Action Fund 14112019

This presentation by the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN) gives a brief overview over the National Lottery's Climate Action Fund requirements.

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SCCAN presentation Climate Action Fund 14112019

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Application Guidelines About the Fund Types of projects Who is eligible to apply? How do you apply? Budget & what it can be used for Contact us for help & collaboration
  3. 3. ABOUT THE CLIMATE ACTION FUND Main Objective: The Climate Action Fund aims to reduce the carbon footprint of communities. The focus of the Fund is on behavioural change and increasing participation.
  4. 4. Types of projects the Fund is looking for 1 Community-led Project led and driven by local groups with a deep understanding of local needs. 3 High impact activities with potential to make a meaningful and lasting difference on the carbon footprint of communities.2 Working in partnership Place-based community-led partnership bringing together wide range of people/ organisations with a shared vision of local climate change action 4 Lasting impact Long -term changes in behaviour, ways of working and practices beyond funding 5 Reach Engage with people outside of those already taking action on climate change in local communities, and beyond. 6 Learning & engagement Produce and share learning
  5. 5. Community-led partnerships led, either formally or informally, by one of the following types of organisation: WHO CAN APPLY? • Voluntary and community organisation • Registered charity or charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) • School • Not for profit company including companies limited by guarantee, community interest companies and community benefit societies with two or more directors. The involvement of statutory bodies in the partnerships is welcome.
  6. 6. APPLICATION TIMELINE ROUND 1 18/12/2019 5pm Deadline for Submission of initial Ideas 22/1/2020 Notification of admission to second stage 27/3/2020 12pm Deadline for Submission of Full Proposals
  7. 7. If you have already got in contact during the information gathering phase No need to submit another initial idea If you didn’t contact TNL during the information gathering phase Prepare & submit an initial idea for a project. HOW CAN YOU APPLY?
  8. 8. Initial idea - Stage 1 Give a brief outline of your project - what do you want to do and why. Respond to the following Questions: Q1: What and where is your organisation and community? Q2: What does your partnership look like? Q3: What have you been doing, to date, to take action on climate change? Q4: Describe your collective goal or vision for taking action on climate change Q5: Who do you feel is doing the best climate action work? Q6: How are you engaging with other communities? HOW CAN YOU APPLY?
  9. 9. BUDGET Total Budget of the Fund £100 million over 10 years (=£10 million/year) Initial development funding up to £200,000 over 18 months. For applicants who need more time to develop their partnership, engage widely or test their approaches Longer-term awards up to £2.5m over five years. Applicants who might be able to start longer-term plans at an earlier stage
  10. 10. • Staff salaries • Project activities • Engagement activities • Learning and evaluation • Running costs • Equipment • Organisational development • Some capital costs.* *It is expected that most of the funding will go towards revenue costs. However, funding capital is considered providing the partnership can demonstrate how it might facilitate behavioural change and broaden participation, how it will be sustainable and how the funding might unlock additional investment from other sources. WHAT CAN THE FUNDING BE USED FOR?
  11. 11. OUR FUNDING TEAM Philip Revell SCCAN Convenor Eva Schonveld Membership Circle Member & Transition Scotland Hub Katharina Bouchaar Network Engagement Coordinator David Somervell Event Circle Coordinator & Networking Wizard
  12. 12. CONTACT US FOR HELP & COLLABORATIO N Email Phone 07594 286 860 - Katharina Postal Address 27 High Street, Dunbar EH42 1EN