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A Responsible Hobbit


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A Responsible Hobbit

  1. 1. A Responsible Hobbit<br />A Personal Response<br />-40830578740“Might Frodo's resolve to hit the road actually bespeak the beginning of something else?”<br />Frodo’s decision to embark on this adventure to Rivendell could be revealing the beginnings of his eventual corruption by the Ring. The ring, in my opinion, has already begun to pull him in with its dark talons. By his holding of the ring, it begins to work its evil magic. I think that, Frodo is agreeing, not to destroy the Ring, as he says he is, but to bring it to Sauron. In touching the Ring, one could argue that, the young hobbit’s innocence is forever tainted. He shows this in his quick decision to help Gandalf in this great endeavor. <br />-461010511810Before touching the Ring, Frodo is innocent and this could be argued to be shown by his incredibly happy demeanor throughout the beginning of the film. His life, in the beginning, resembles something of a carefree life that we all strive for. Drinking, singing, and dancing are some of the more prominent factors in a typical hobbit’s life. Responsibility isn’t held in very high esteem. For a hobbit, a young one, to take on such a tremendous responsibility, that just doesn’t happen. Not without corruption.<br />The change in Frodo’s character becomes increasingly more evident as the journey continues. The Ring tightens its hold as it gets closer to its goal. I believe that, along the journey Frodo’s innocence is lost. When he agrees to take the Ring, his slow corruption begins. In him agreeing, the Ring’s magic begins to cling to his soul, replacing the innocence with blackness.<br />Pictures Citation:<br /> <br /><br />