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5 Fantastic Features That Should Be in Sports Betting App

We all love sport, yes? Football, basketball, hockey, baseball and horse racing etc. Sports betting apps allow users not just be involved in the game, but also take part in the betting round.

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5 Fantastic Features That Should Be in Sports Betting App

  1. 1. 5 Fantastic Features That Should Be in Sports Betting App tecsynt
  2. 2. Hello! We are Kateryna Momotiuk, writer Kateryna Lysak, PM at Tecsynt Solutions Find full version of “5 Fantastic Features That Should Be in Sports Betting App” on our blog
  3. 3. “ “What is life if not the gamble?” F.E.Higgins tecsynt
  4. 4. We all love sport, yes? Sports betting apps are becoming more popular because of their mobility, entertaining features and multiple options to engage in the betting process. Sports betting apps allow users not just be involved in the game, but also take part in the betting round. tecsynt
  5. 5. Just to create a fun app isn’t enough If you’re going to invest in this industry, you need to deliver a mobile platform where the players can truly experience promised offers and features of your app. Attract users, make them stay and they will promote your betting app among their friends. The most important benefit of the online betting - is the low barrier to entry for users around the globe.
  6. 6. 4 steps to build sports betting app To develop such app you need time and dedication, a sharp mind and persistence, hard-working heart and strong strategy. Guide on how to make an app you should check in our article "How To Build a Mobile App in 7 Easy Steps".
  7. 7. Prepare for war & Guide your users 1. tecsynt
  8. 8. Prepare for war & Guide your users To keep up with gambling industry’s rules and regulations, you must encourage consider the responsible gambling course ✘ Provide your players with a Responsible Gambling Policy ✘ Not to mention weekly or monthly deposit limits option ✘ Revent the underage players from signing up and gambling - it’s a critical issue
  9. 9. Probability Theory – research, learn, create a betting model 2. tecsynt
  10. 10. research, learn, create a betting model The more you understand probability theory, the more imaginative you can become creating the betting models. It can sound boring, but it’s your way to success in this industry and your way to downfall, if you'll neglect the basics of probability theory. What’s more important – inspiration.
  11. 11. Choose the sport & Find out betting markets 3. tecsynt
  12. 12. Sport & Betting markets – assets to win the war Keep in mind bookmaker limits and market liquidity – calculate and carefully consider the amount of money you can get down on a particular league or bet type before you start to develop your sports betting app. Understand the fundamentals of the sport and league it's hard to sort out where to begin your analysis and how to estimate the performance of the sportsmen. Betting markets – is the very core of your betting app
  13. 13. The Platform – battlefield means the world 4. iOs Android
  14. 14. The Platform If you want a wider audience and more profits you should consider the option of building it for the both iOS and Android platforms. And before launching it to the market, we recommend you to make an MVP for your betting app, beta-test it and then make some improvements after receiving the first reviews and feedbacks. The price will be lower for the cross-platform for Android and a little bit higher for the native app on iOS. tecsynt
  15. 15. 5 Fantastic Features That Should Be in Sports Betting App tecsynt
  16. 16. Monetization There are several ways: ✘ sell virtual coins; ✘ in-app advertising; ✘ in-app purchases; ✘ freemium (gated features); ✘ sponsorships; ✘ payment for virtual currency; ✘ real-money betting. tecsynt
  17. 17. Back-end connection You need to choose the right API matching the events within the app. All the needed data about final scores and bets will be pulled to your app from an API which will make the flow of the app much easier. A betting app should contain a customer-facing front-end and a back-end area to handle the bets and transactions. There must be users access to admin area to manage the accounts, securely deposit money or track game’s results. tecsynt
  18. 18. Offline connection Your users should be able to track the game statistics and results, even if the Internet connection is lost. So, what can you do? You need an option of cashing the events so that when the connection is restored your players won’t lose any valuable data. tecsynt
  19. 19. Security You deal with the money and personal data of your users. The first priority is to ensure the secure interaction between customers and the app. You must earn the trust of your audience. This includes protecting against hackers attack such data as custom software, servers & networks, payment & user information. tecsynt
  20. 20. Payments What users need is a straightforward and easy-to-use money depositing system and the confidence that they are making a secure transaction. Such payment system should be compliant with PCI Security Standards. To meet these expectations you must build a payment option that works flawlessly on all devices and based on a number of third party payment methods. tecsynt
  21. 21. Additional Features Latest mobile technologies also allow providing users with such valuable information as: ✘ Live scores ✘ Final and current results ✘ Betting tips ✘ News ✘ Audio and live video streams for different sportstecsynt
  22. 22. “Bet with your head, not with your heart.”
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