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  1. 1. Denmark Katelynn Kramer
  2. 2. Interesting facts• In the sea near the Danish coast spreads about 400 islands.• Remember Vikings , in old days they had conquered England and Normand.• Denmarks flags is the opposite colors of Switzerlands!• Culture Name: Danish• Denmarks capital city, Copenhagen
  3. 3. Culture and Tradition• Cultural unity is mitigated by regional traditions of rural, urban, and island communities with distinctions based on local language, food, and history. This situation has sometimes created friction between local history and national history.• Most children enter kindergarten at age three, and many continue school attendance until their early teens. In 1997, more than 80 percent of three- to six- year-olds attended some kind of day care institution.
  4. 4. Culture and Traditions Con.• Children are allowed to help decorate the Christmas tree in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The traditional Christmas starts on December 23 with hot cinnamon-laced rice pudding ("Grod") served with a knob of butter.• December 24, Christmas Eve, Danes often have a Christmas dinner consisting of duck or goose, red cabbage and caramelized potatoes. Afterwards, the dessert is another rice pudding;
  5. 5. Landmarks The Vikings Viking Country has throughout the time - obviously always been associated with Denmark and the - Home of the Vikings - as well as the heartland of the great VikingThe Borsens Dragon Spire was society during the historical Viking age fromreplaced with an exact replica of around 800 to about 1050 AC - which is a verythe original in 1775. important part of Denmark’s history and culture that formed the way to build up the Danish kingdom. As a descendant of the Vikings - ethnic Danes are commonly coupled with the terms of being a Viking - coming from the "Barbaric North" with adventurous blood
  6. 6. Geographical landmarks Elephant Cove
  7. 7. Geographic landmarks Con. Lowland s Beach
  8. 8. Current Events• June 2011 Denmark’s capital Copenhagen floods with heavy rain.• Colosseum under snow as harsh winter weather puts crumbling ancient monument under further strain.• More Than 200 Danes are losing jobs everyday