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Open Tapestry: Leveraging Open Content for Global Education


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Open educational resources (OER) have the potential to improve global education substantially. Open Tapestry helps users find, adapt, and share these resources with people across the world.

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Open Tapestry: Leveraging Open Content for Global Education

  1. 1. Leveraging Open Content for Global Education
  2. 2. What is open content?•  4 Rs o  Reuse o  Revise o  Remix o  Redistribute•  Creative Commons licenses
  3. 3. What is unique about global education?•  Mobile is a big deal•  Connectivity is uncertain and uneven•  Multiple languages•  Cultural differences
  4. 4. Goals for online instruction Effectiveness Efficiency Engagement
  5. 5. Needs Discover  Share   Adapt   Track   Deliver  
  6. 6. DiscoverProblem: How do you find relevantonline learning resources?•  Standards Alignment•  Media Type•  License
  7. 7. DiscoverSolution: Search, browse, & providerecommendations•  Search & filtering•  Audience-focused portals•  Recommendations•  Search providers integration
  8. 8. AdaptProblem: How do you adapt content forinstruction in your context?•  Grain size•  Language•  Context•  Assessment•  Sequencing
  9. 9. AdaptSolutions:•  Use content where it is•  Simple, powerful authoring tools•  Integrate with everyone (best breed tools)
  10. 10. DeliverProblem: How do you deliver distributed learning content to your learners?•  Coherence•  Interactivity•  Feedback•  User control
  11. 11. DeliverSolutions:•  Educational mashups•  Integrate with existing tools•  Mobile delivery
  12. 12. TrackProblem: How do you track usage andeffectiveness of distributed content?•  Resource needs improvement or replacement?•  Context for interacting with learners?
  13. 13. TrackSolution: Integrated learning analytics•  Proxy-based analytics•  LMS integrations
  14. 14. ShareProblem: How do you support nurturingonline teaching and learningcommunities?•  Authoring•  Learner support•  Evaluation•  Problem solving
  15. 15. ShareSolution: Integrate with existingcommunities and best of breed tools•  Social bookmarking•  Discussion boards
  16. 16. Q&
  17. 17. Contact give us a call at +1 (435) 554-1262
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