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Building a Social Organization


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Here's our slides from today's #BankOnSocial webinar - discussing how to create your own brand ambassador/employee advocacy program to enhance your marketing and branding initiatives.

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Building a Social Organization

  1. 1. Building a Social Organization Presented by: CarrieAnne Cormier and Katelin Cwieka #BankOnSocial
  2. 2. Katelin Cwieka Marketing Specialist Avidia Bank @BankSmartKate #BankOnSocial CarrieAnne Cormier Retail Operations & Strategy Avidia Bank @BankSmartCarrie Introducing…
  3. 3. Katelin Cwieka Marketing Specialist Avidia Bank @BankSmartKate #BankOnSocial CarrieAnne Cormier Retail Operations & Strategy Avidia Bank @BankSmartCarrie The #AvidiaSmarties
  4. 4. Why Employee Advocacy? • Weber Shandwick study found that a 50% of US employees are blogging, posting, tweeting, and commenting about their employers. • Humanize your brand #BankOnSocial
  5. 5. Increase Your Reach The average employee has: • 200 Facebook Friends • 480 LinkedIn Connections • 61 Twitter Followers • Do the Math – If you have 100 employees you could be reaching up to 74,100 people! #BankOnSocial
  6. 6. Happy Employees • Engaged employees are 20% more likely to stay at their company • 4x more satisfied with their day • 27% more optimistic about their companies future #BankOnSocial
  7. 7. Launching a Product • HYPE up a product launch • Employees often TEST new products • Have them SHARE their experiences #BankOnSocial
  8. 8. Where do you begin? • Start with a strong social media policy • Do your research • Set a mission for your program and determine what kind of people you want on your team • What social networks will you use? • Have a strong brand page that your advocates can link back to #BankOnSocial
  9. 9. Social Media Personas • Content Creators • Listeners • Conversationalist • Sharers • Promoters • Connectors • Cheerleaders #BankOnSocial
  10. 10. Prepare for Nay - Sayers • SHOW the impact • Do your RESEARCH • SHARE your selection process • How you will MANAGE it and deal with DAMAGE CONTROL #BankOnSocial
  11. 11. Selection Process • Recruitment • Application • Interview • “Background Check” • Requirements: – Social Media Savvy, Enthusiastic, Influencer, Tech Oriented #BankOnSocial
  12. 12. Training • Create a mindset • When to post • What to post • Provide updates – research, articles, new social media features #BankOnSocial
  13. 13. Leadership • Have admins in place • Use a management platform – Social Chorus, Hootsuite , Sprout Social, Dynamic Signal • Empower your leadership and all participants #BankOnSocial
  14. 14. When things go wrong… • Have a crisis plan in place – damage control • Use your social media policy • Don’t punish for a bad tweet! Educate! #BankOnSocial
  15. 15. What if it goes REALLY wrong? • Someone goes rogue • Shut it down – have steps in place to take control • Damage control • Administrative Action – HR • Retain records to refer to in the future #BankOnSocial
  16. 16. Measure Your Success! • Analytics • Have realistic goals • Revisit often • Share success with your team, celebrate! • Share success with your organization – yes even include the nay-sayers! #BankOnSocial
  17. 17. Do’s • DO – provide resources, support and education to ALL employees • DO – have guidelines, mission, crisis plan and policy in place • DO – have a leader or admin team for support and to provide direction for your team • DO – have a way a to analyze your results • DO – problem solve and celebrate together #BankOnSocial
  18. 18. Don’ts • DON’T – tell employees what the MUST post • DON’T –ignore your naysayers, educate them • DON’T – allow employees to post on the brand page – request them to submit content and make sure it’s compliance-approved #BankOnSocial
  19. 19. Questions? Stay Social with Us! #BankOnSocial LinkedIn: Katelin Cwieka Twitter: @BankSmartKate LinkedIn: CarrieAnne Cormier Twitter: @BankSmartCarrie