Story Of My Life.


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story of my life

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Story Of My Life.

  1. 2. HELP
  3. 7. be my friend..
  4. 13. I need you.
  5. 16. Life showed me the worst lifestyle: destroying myself softly. What happened? It’s not easy to understand. I had everything what a normal girl could have. But it wasn’t enough. Or it was too much.
  6. 19. Nobody could see how depressed I felt. So I broke down into a deep well, and I got sick. But I didn’t realize what I was doing bacause I thought that I could stop when I want. But I was wrong.
  7. 24. I didn’t want perfection. I only wanted to change because I felt bad with myself. Only that. I dont know why I took the decision of stop eating. I think that I didn’t know would It means at the future
  8. 27. It’s sly and handling, it’s seems a friend but it betrays me. When obsession came, I didnt notice it because I felt good. The hardest part was the fallen.
  9. 29. sick of crying tired of trying YEAH! I’m smiling But inside I’m DYING
  10. 31. When I wanted to stop, I couldn’t. But I saw my family and my friends holding me, so I started to fight with my eating desorder. And some month later I was better, and I started to gain weight. I could see a light in my darkness life.
  11. 34. But I fall AGAIN