Hitler power point


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This is my rhetorical Analysis of a scholarly web text I found on Kairos. Enjoy!

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Hitler power point

  1. 1. Rhetorical Analysis of Hitler Meme in mediated format <br />By Kate Reynolds<br />VS.<br />
  2. 2. Choosing Something from Kairos<br /><ul><li>The “web text” I chose is not actually a “text” at all.
  3. 3. When asked to pick an “article” from Kairos I was unsure as to whether or not it would be ok to use a video.
  4. 4. But that just further illustrates the point of this assignment, what does a scholarly article/text look like in the age of digital media?
  5. 5. http://kairos.technorhetoric.net/13.2/disputatio/theamishaugur/index.html</li></li></ul><li>Anything from a POWER POINT to a video to an audio clip can be used to create scholarly text in today’s digital world.<br />Das Video!!!<br />
  6. 6. This video clip, with remixed subtitles, is an example of what a scholarly text has the ability to look like in today’s age of digital media. By using a clip from the movie Downfall (2005) about Hitler’s reign during WWII, and dubbing over the subtitles…. <br />
  7. 7. to satirically illustrate the stigma surrounding people who study digital media and their proficiency with the English language, <br />
  8. 8. the creator has shown how new media can be an effective mode of teaching. <br />"Do these digital scholars have any idea what it's like"<br /><br />
  9. 9. What does this Video Do?<br /><ul><li>This video comments on the issues surrounding the status and representation of rhetoric and composition as well as multimodal/new media composition within English departments and the MLA.</li></li></ul><li>What does this text do?<br /><ul><li>The presentation/form of the text contributes to the argument by turning the argument into the form that it's being presented in.
  10. 10. The video is about how traditional english scholars feel that new media scholars will be the downfall of "English". </li></li></ul><li>It also:<br /><ul><li>By using a video to illustrate the argument on the web, the creator has shown that digital rhetoric is in fact a valid mode of teaching or conveying information if you will.
  11. 11. Visuals of Hitler putting down new media WHILE using digital media to inform, create one big satirical clip that prove that new media methods are in fact valid.</li></li></ul><li>This video is very effective at illustrating the claim it’s making. Digital media as a form of rhetoric and proficiency in the scholarship of English are new and still viewed as contemporary and unsubstantial modes of teaching by traditional English Scholars.<br />The use of video to inform is clever and efficient because it is in fact new media. The form speaks to the content in that it presents old ideas in a new way, essentially showing both sides of the issue by using new media.<br />
  12. 12. New media<br />On the rise and on the web.<br />FIN<br />
  13. 13. Bibliography<br /><ul><li>Kairos 13.2: Disputatio Section Text by Kairo Editors
  14. 14. http://kairos.technorhetoric.net/13.2/disputatio/theamishaugur/index.html</li>