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This portfolio is a little example of few interesting building projects I was working on in last few years.

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Kate Larson Portfolio

  1. 1. Kate Larson PORTFOLIO
  2. 2. SYSTEMSRAINSCREEN METAL PANEL SYSTEM• Sheet metal panel system designed by Kate Larson for Northshore Sheet Metal• Fabricated from steel and aluminum• Suitable for any type of building (commercial or residential)• Standard or custom options• Ventilated rainscreen design for high performance• Quick and easy installation• Installed on several buildings nationwide (biggest use so far on Mirabella Retirement Community in Seattle) VT. JOINT INSIDE CORNER OUTSIDE CORNER HZ. JOINT Rainscreen cladding is a construction façade rainscreen system which consists of subframe and different finishes such as ceramic tiles, stone boards, high-pressure laminates, composite aluminum panels, metal panels (aluminum, zinc, steel), fibre-cement board, or durable exterior woods. Rainscreen cladding is the attachment of an outer skin of rear-ventilated cladding to a new or existing building. The system is a form of double-wall construction that uses an outer layer to keep out the rain and an inner layer to provide thermal insulation, prevent excessive air leakage and carry wind loading. The outer layer breathes like a skin while the inner layer reduces energy losses. The structural frame of the building is kept absolutely dry, as water never reaches it or the thermal insulation. Water droplets are not driven through the panel joints or openings because the rainscreen principle means that wind pressure acting on the outer face of the panel is equalized in the cavity. Therefore, there is no significant pressure differential to drive the rain through joints. During extreme weather, a minimal amount of water may penetrate the outer cladding. This, however, will run as droplets down the back of the cladding sheets and be dissipated through evaporation and drainage. 01
  3. 3. PROJECTSMIRABELLA RETIREMENT COMMUNITYAddress : 116 Fairview Ave, Seattle, WA 98109Owner : Pacific Retirement ServicesArchitect : Ankrom Moisan ArchitectsGeneral Contractor : Turner Construction Co. TYPICAL CORNER • Detailed all sheet metal custom aluminum rain screen wall and soffit panels, as well as corrugated panels on roof penthouses and screens to cover mechanical equipment, and roof panels on skybridge in courtyard • Ordered all needed materials, including waterproofing membrane and mechanical louvers • Set timelines for fabrication of custom rainscreen panels and scheduled deliveries of prefabricated corrugated panels and louvers • Managed field crew to ensure schedule is met, installation goes properly and different panel colors and louvers are installed in correct locations • Oversaw installation and coordinated with client all needed changes METAL FASCIA Aluminum rain screen panels Aluminum rain screen panels 02
  4. 4. PROJECTSWEST 8TH OFFICE TOWERAddress : 2001 8th Ave, Seattle, WAOwner : Touchstone CorporationArchitect : Callison ArchitectsGeneral Contractor : Lease Crutcher Lewis • Ordered all material for fabrication of custom concealed fastener system for metal fascia around lower roofs as well as aluminum column covers next to main entrance on 8th Street • Ordered and coordinated deliveries of prefabricated corrugated panels on penthouses of lower and upper roofs • Managed field crew to install all panels and flashings per contractor’s schedule and prepared as-built drawings Corrugated panels on penthouse and back side of parapet Lower penthouse corrugated panels Metal fascia Custom column covers 03
  5. 5. PROJECTSSEATTLE CENTER PARKING GARAGEAddress : 516 Harrison Street, Seattle, WA 98109Owner : Iris Holdings, LLCArchitect : NBBJ ArchitectsGeneral Contractor : Sellen Construction Company • Prepared submittal drawings for roof copper panels and roof copper fascia, aluminum wall panels and copper wall shingles • Coordinated with production the timelines for fabrication and deliveries • Ordered all materials including custom louvers in two different colors and managed installation Copper roof panels Copper shingles with roof fascia Copper roof panels with roof fascia Custom louvers Aluminum panels on vertical furring 04
  6. 6. PROJECTSWOODINVILLE HIGH SCHOOL - PHASE 1Address : 19819 136th Ave NE, Woodinville, WA 98072Owner : Northshore School DistrictArchitect : Studio Meng StrazzaraGeneral Contractor : Cornerstone General Contractors • Prepared submittal drawings for contractor of prefabricated corrugated siding panels, insulated prefabricated siding and soffit panels (flat and with vertical reveals) and custom concealed fastener siding panels • Ordered prefabricated panels and louvers and coordinated deliveries • Managed field crew to install everything per set up CENTRIA DIMENSION SERIES - schedule and drawings 2” INSULATED FORMAWALL PANEL Custom rain screen insulated panels Insulated Centria panels - with vertical reveals Insulated Centria panels - flat finish Corrugated prefabricated panels 05
  7. 7. PROJECTSSEATTLE MINIAddress : 11550 LAKE CITY WAY, Seattle, WA 98125Owner : BMW NorthwestArchitect : Helix Design Group, Inc.General Contractor : Rushforth Construction co., Inc. • Developed submittal drawings of prefabricated corrugated panels for two walls of building and screen walls on roof, of custom wall panels from Alpolic aluminum composite sheets in three different colors • Ordered needed material and managed fabrication of composite MODEL VIEW OF panels HORIZONTAL JOINT • Oversaw installation of panels and coordinated schedule per deliveries TYPICAL JOINT COPING Corrugated Custom composite panel prefabricated panels system with extrusions 06
  8. 8. PROJECTSTHE EPIPHANY SCHOOLAddress : 3710 East Howell Street, Seattle, WA 981125Owner : Epiphany SchoolArchitect : The Miller Hull Partnership OPEN JOINTSGeneral Contractor : Sellen Construction, Co. • Coordinated drawings for custom aluminum roof flashings, custom aluminum panels and flashings at bay windows on north wall, and also drawings for two colors of fibre-cement board Sil-LEED siding and soffits • Prepared order of all needed sizes of the Sil-LEED sheets SIL-LEED and ordered all material with accessories CLADDING SHEETS • Managed installation of custom aluminum panels and flashings as well as installation of Sil-LEED siding Aluminum roof panels Sil-LEED siding at bay window Aluminum flashings and panels 07
  9. 9. PERSONAL INFO Kate Larson Construction Project Manager Mobile : (206) 779-8258 E-mail : kateylarson@gmail.com LinkedIn : /katerinalarson Expertise In: Estimating ● Scheduling ● Budgeting ● Purchasing ● Quality Control Foreman + Vendor Relations ● Customer InteractionKate Larson is a construction management professional, with experience project managing major siding, roofingand waterproofing construction projects. She is trained on all types of exterior cladding of commercial buildingsof any size. Kate has worked on multi-million dollar custom commercial metal siding projects for the majority ofthe large general construction companies in the Seattle area.Kate led the planning and implementation of projects, defined tasks and resource requirements, has managedbudgets, scheduled timelines, and tracked project deliverables. Kate provided directions, support and qualityassurance to assigned project teams, as well as interacting with customers and suppliers, ordering materials andscheduling shipping, deliveries, orders and work. Her specific skills include designing rain screen metal panelsystems and specific details according to each project, and she has supervised field foremen, priced added workand, most importantly, helped her coworkers, put out fires, ensured project completion on time & under-budget,and kept the customer happy.With her Masters in Civil Engineering and five years on-the-job experience, Kate Larson would be a positiveasset to any construction management team desiring impressive results from a dedicated constructionprofessional needing minimum train-up and supervision.“Kate has managed and detailed large panel projects up to about $5 million dollars. She is a diligent worker,careful detailer, good multitasker and pleasant company. I highly recommend Kate!”Brian Elbert, Co-President, Northshore Sheet Metal“I worked with Kate on our Amazon.com projects and found her to be extremely organized and an excellent teammember. It was a pleasure to work with Kate both as part of a team and as a colleague. Her attention to detailon the jobs she managed was one of her many strengths.”Rocky Camp, Project Manager, Northshore Sheet MetalSAMPLE CLIENT CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES 08