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Water is life


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Water is life

  1. 1. ST. DOMINIC COLLEGE OF ASIA St. Dominic Complex Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Bacoor, Cavite SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT Integrative Paper “Water is Life” Submitted to: Dean Alejandro D. Magnaye Mrs.Pineda Prepared by: Kate S. Magpoc BSTM – 2A
  2. 2. On August 8, 2013 at Crimson Hotel, Filinvest Alabang, Muntilupa City, all the Department of International Hospitality & Tourism Management attended the annual Junior Professional Summit 2013 with the theme of “Water is Life.” With the guest speaker … tackled the importance and structure of water. Earth’s water supply has had, since Earth was created, and it has major influences on Earth’s climate, its landscape and mineralogy, the composition of its atmosphere, and on the origin and evolution of life. Water is the most abundant compound on Earth’s surface, with a total mass of is about 300 times the mass of the atmosphere covering about 70 percent of the planet. The vast majority of Earth’s water is in the oceans (salt water) in smaller sizes but geologically important, quantities of fresh water are lakes, rivers, and ground water. In nature, water exists in liquid, solid and gaseous states. Without water, which facilitates the formation of carbonate rock, the atmospheric content of CO2 would be higher than it is. Water as a universal solvent, it is odorless and tasteless. Odorless thus exhibits transparency. Water also is a chemical compound and polar molecules. If people continuous polluting water it can cause into organ failure such as Typhoid, Cholera, Dehydration, Jaundice, Cancer and can cause Death. Water seeps into the ground, it absorbs different substances so it can dissolved Ionic compound like arsenic, iron, fluoride, heavy metal and sulfur. It also results into consequences of a warmer world, pollution of a fresh water streams, dilution and biodegradation or it pointing the aquatic organisms (degrade), breakdown of pollutants by bacteria oxygen sag- curve. Water pollution has two categories such as, Non-point source of pollution and Point source of pollution. Non-point source of pollution is a contamination gathered by water over a large area, examples are; urban streets, cropland, animal feedlot, factory, rural homes and suburban development while Point source of pollution is a contaminant enter a water way at a discrete point which is waste water treatment plant. So the expertise says that by the year 2020 no potable water can safe to drink and all water supplied can no longer be free. Another speaker named … discussed the same categories as it is the main theme of the whole seminar. In addition to the above mention, it also tackled the Water transformations/ Processes in the Hydrologic Cycle or Water cycle. The Evaporation from bodies of water, Transpiration from
  3. 3. plants, Condensation water vapor turns liquid, Precipitation as rain, hails or other forms, Infiltration passes/absorb through the soil and surface run off soil eroded to the rivers and lakes. Human are mainly contributors of water waste, man pollutes water and can killed the organism living in the water. Thus to prevent and reduce surface water pollution it is advisable to reduce run off, buffer zone vegetation, reduce soil erosion. In RA 9276 Clean Water Act established the goals of eliminating releases of high amounts of toxic substances into water. The Clean Water Act does not directly address ground water contamination. Groundwater protection provisions are included in the Safe Drinking Water Act, Resource Conservation, and Recovery Act and the Superfund Act. And also the Water Quality Act that preventing water pollution by requiring states to establish and enforce water quality standards for interstate water ways, as making substantial additions to the Clean Water Act directly offering the standards program. The law also required states to establish minimum water quality standards for portion of interstate water lying within their borders. Provided funds for waste water treatment demonstrate projects at the municipal level. Water is important for everyday routine of each individual, can give and help living things to survive from drying. If we can’t give value to the water, this is probably not enough water to surround the proteins and membranes in a cell and so stops metabolism and kills almost all animals and plants. So let’s do our part! Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. “Water and life are inseparable. No known living thing can function without water, and there is life wherever there is water on Earth.”