Benefits of garbage segregation survey


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Benefits of garbage segregation survey

  1. 1. Benefits of Garbage Segregation SurveyInstructions: Please answer each of the following questions. If you do not feel comfortableanswering a question or it does not apply to you, feel free skip the question. Please check the boxthat is most applies to you.1. Name of respondent: (optional)2. Address3. Age15 16 17 18 19 and above4. Do you know about any waste segregation or recycling programs in your school?Yes No5. If not to above do you and your classmates do any recycling on your own?Yes No6. Have you ever done any school compostingYes NoGreetings!We are the BS of Hospitality and Tourism Management from St. Dominic College Asia, thatconducting a research and observation entitled “Benefits of Garbage Segregation”. In this survey,our goal is to educate and make your school an environmentally safe place to studying. Yourparticipation in this survey will greatly assist us in accomplishing this goal.This survey form is designed to obtain your opinion and input which will be used to helpdevelop the plan. Your answer will help to identify those serious problems with garbage and otherwaste in the community develop ideas and make recommendations on ways our school can improveits waste disposal practices. In addition, your answers to the survey questions will ensure that theplanning work group considers Dominican’s ideas and opinions.Your input into our project is very important. We ask that you please take the time to completethis survey. Thank you very much.
  2. 2. 7. Would you be willing to segregate your waste into biodegradable if your school collectedthese for a composting program?Yes No8. Do you use a separate container for your plastic waste and food leftovers?Yes No9. How often do you practice segregating wastes in your house/school?daily weeklyonce a month never10. Does the local government require the segregation of wastes in your school (area)?Yes No maybe I don’t know11. If yes, do they still collect garbage bags even if these were not segregated?Yes No maybe I don’t know12. Are you in favor of “no segregation, no collection?”Yes No maybe I don’t know