Basics economics with lrt project


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Basics economics with lrt project

  1. 1. ST. DOMINIC COLLEGE OF ASIA St. Dominic Complex Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Bacoor, Cavite SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT “Basic Economics with LRT” Submitted to: Mr. Pol Silva Prepared by: Kate S. Magpoc Sherylene Mancera John Angelo Tanglao Elvin Moses Magon BSHM- 2A
  2. 2. Business firm or Organization: Master Siomai We interview Mrs. Maria Antonia A. Sarte the franchise of Master Siomai in Palico along Aguinaldo Highway near at Puregold Imus, Cavite 1. A. What product are you selling? - Obviously from the name itself siomai, we offered different variety of siomai such as Japanese siomai, sharks fin etc. and to matched with that, we sell also gulaman. B. How are things produced? - Actually we try only this business in Kosh the master siomai. We try if this business is really good for extra income. But so far so good, now it supplied our need and now we have another business in Kosh. If you decide to franchise the store, first look at the background if this business is popular to the people. We all know that the siomai is one of the most favorite street foods in all time. In terms of the prices, it is really worth because we practice sanitation and a quality product for the avoidance of customer complaint. C. For who are things are produce? - We target those food streets lover, who into siomai and actually as you can see in our place, we decided to find a food stall in a crowded area as we choose to go into popular franchising product so that people can notice our product. And whoever saw our product they really encourage them to try and buy it. 2. Demand and Supply - Demand- we hired two employees namely Clara Solidad and Melissa Louise H. Kaguitla, but if we have enough time we visit our food stall and personally assist the customer. - Supply- as I said earlier our product is only a franchised. So as we franchised this kind of business, Kosh assist us in everything. For the siomai they delivered it to us and for ingredients and sauces we buy it into them and they gave us a discount so it really helps a lot.
  3. 3. 3. General impressions - Their strategy is quite good, because before they go into business they decided to franchise the business that is popular to the customer. So they’re not having a hard time to gain the trust and expectation of the consumer. Reason - There secret recipe for the success is “to never give up”. Mrs. Sarte is lately an OFW in Japan and had no idea of handling this kind of business. For bravery reason and a great decision she decided to go into another way of earning extra money, which is Master Siomai. Conclusion - Decision and passion in your job is a ticket to success. I salute Mrs. Sarte for sacrificing her money into this. Though we know that not all business can be successful or can cause into closure. But with her dedication and hard working she made her status into the top. For now, she owned her own food stall, she franchised another one which is Mr. Mappy. Mr. Mappy is a kind of pizza that offered cheaper prices with a quality product. The taste is good and the prices are applicable for the person with limited budget. As days goes by, they tried to franchise another one which is Mr. Donut. So how can we imagine her perseverance and dedication, her love into working and exploring in a different world of business made her capital more comprehensive or broad. How stable and growing the firm organization? - After 6 years her business still continuing to served people. Without experiences and expertise in business she made this business stable and continuous growing. Effective selling and promotional tools to stimulates more buying as she said.