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Agreement letter hardcopy


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Agreement letter hardcopy

  1. 1. Group #08 Kate S. Magpoc Shaira Kaye Latade Kevin Ross Paulino Letter of Agreement  An agreement letter is a formal type of written communication. It is needed at the time of agreement between two parties. It contains all terms and conditions regarding the agreement.  Mention all the details, specifications and conditions in an agreement letter. These letters acts as a model of communication between the customer, vendors, consultants and clients. This form of letters falls under the category of business writing hence should contain no ambiguity and doubt.  The agreement letters should be crisp, direct and clear as far as the content is concerned. Parts of Agreement Letter 1. Letterhead 2. Date 3. Inside address 4. Salutation 5. Subject line 6. Letter content/ body of the letter 7. Complimentary close 8. Signature block 9. Name of the sender and position 10. Enclosure notation 11. Courtesy copy When do we use this Letter?  To start negotiations.  Sets out the terms of your working relationship.  Used to clarify working arrangements between two parties.
  2. 2. July 11, 2013 Shaira Kaye Latade Vice president, Regulatory Relations Pacific Gas and Electric Company 77 Beale Street, Mail Code B10C P.O. Box 770000 San Francisco, CA 94177 Dear Ms. Latade: RE: Business Plan Writing Agreement This letter will confirm our understanding concerning the terms of retainer and nature of services to be formed for Fawoo Tech North America. These terms as follows: 1. TERM. This agreement will be for the period of 2 weeks commencing on Thursday, July 11, 2013. Either of us may terminate this agreement with seven (7) days’ written notice to the other party. In the event of termination, I will be compensated for services rendered through the date termination. 2. DUTIES. My duties will include: a. Researching, collecting information, providing detailed sections, review of, and analysis of materials provided to me by Fawoo Tech North America to compile into a formal Investors business plan. b. Preparation of weekly reports on the progress of the project. c. Daily check point updates and face-to-face meetings. d. Preparation of the final Business plan and presentation for the company, with recommendations for implementing any improvements and related costing. 3. COMPENSATION. The compensation or my services, as agreed upon, shall be $3500 for the project, with an estimated time investment of 45 hours. A pre-project retainer of $500 shall be paid upon signing of this agreement. A mid-project payment of $1000 shall be paid one week into the project (July 11, 2013), and the remaining amount paid upon completion of the project. Any other out-of-pocket costs (travel, design, secretarial as specified and agreed upon with Fawoo Tech North America) will be billed separately. Please sign the two copies provided and retain one of your records. Sincerely, Kelvin Ross Paulino Account Manager Accepted and agreed to: July 29, 2013 Fawoo Tech North America Date Cc/deskstopfilename:kate=agreement#01 Letterhead Dateline Inside Address Salutation Subject Line Complimentary Close Subject Line Sender’s name and Title Enclosure Notation Letter Content Courtesy Copy