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Social Media Lecture at Santa Clara University


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Spoke to graduating students on a career on social media and strategy and tips for success!

Published in: Social Media
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Social Media Lecture at Santa Clara University

  1. 1. S A N T A C L A R A U N I V E R S I T Y G U E S T L E C T U R E K A T E T A L B O T @ K A T E T A L B O T 2 | T A L B O T . K A T H R Y N @ G M A I L . C O M
  3. 3. SINCE WE HUSTLE 2009 10 YEARS AGO...
  4. 4. SocialNetworking:
  5. 5. Brand Messaging Activations and Partnerships Product Launches & Updates Paid Social Advertising Influencer Marketing Contests B2C STRATEGY
  6. 6. Brand Messaging Thought Leadership Analyst Relationships Lead Generation SEO B2B STRATEGY
  7. 7. Emotional Connectivity Using Data as Insights A/B Testing Create Community Target Social Networks OVERALL STRATEGY
  8. 8. LEVERAGE YOUR POSITION Ahead of the trends Based in Silicon Valley Go-Getter Millennials Data-Driven Mindset
  9. 9. QUESTIONS?