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  1. 1. Presented by: Maxwellhouse
  2. 2. Welcome members of the board of education here at the School of Pwnography. I am your current Guild Treasurer Maxwellhouse and this is going to be a detailed presentation of information on our Bank Policies and a simplified understanding of our looting system of EPGP Lootmaster. Tableof Contents: •Bank Policies/Contents/Promotions •EPGP? What it is and why it is important •Job of the Lootmaster in a group •Rewarding EP, when it is appropriate •GP and what it does •EPGP loot council (when applicable) •Final Summary and scripting Dedication and Reviewed By: Shaazz (cause he’s awesome)
  3. 3. I tend to be a anal person when it comes down to my organization of the guild bank that I manage. Trust me there will be plenty of me complaining in vent and in gchat when things are put in the wrong place. So going forth this will be a guide for officers and even members to be able to easily find the things they need rather than having to look at every page for something. In order for this to be as easy as possible we need to follow a guideline,it will make us an efficient well fueled machine.
  4. 4. I have spent many hours organizing banks between my own personal and guild banks. I am a fickle person when it comes to things being in order. So for the next section I am going to break down all of the three tabs that we currently have. Don’t worry as we expand I will update everyone with the new tabs and what I expect to see in there. Breakdownof ourtabs: Tab One (Misc) Tab Two (Mats) Tab Three (Raiding Needs) Cost for 4th Tab 1000g
  5. 5. The Miscellaneous Tab: Even though it says Misc. there is certain items that are stored here, until we get more tabs and can have an honest misc tab. •Cloth •Gems •Ore •Any form of elemental end game item (i.e: eternal fire and primal fire would both go here) I do request that items on this page are stored with similar items. Please do not put eternals and cloth in the same row or gems in with ore.
  6. 6. The Materials Tab: This is the tab where we will store materials (minus the gems and cloth and leather) •Enchanting Mats •Items to be DE’d •Leather (mind you they are currently in the third tab so shut up) •Inscription Mats I do request that items on this page are stored with similar items. Please do not put enchanting mats in the same row with per say with leather Although you can put items like recipes for enchanting/leatherworking and items to be DE’d in the same general area as the mats they match with
  7. 7. The Raiding Needs Tab: This is the tab where ONLY officers will have access and will have items that are needed for raiding, like herbs •Herbs •Potions/elixirs/flasks •Cooking mats •Cooked meals/flasks •BOE gear (current progression needs, all others will go to the DE section.) I do request that items on this page are stored with similar items. Please do not put flasks and the sort on the same row as cooking supplies There is an exception to this with cooked mats and flasks can be combined if they are the common raid needed item.
  8. 8. Every great guild has a great bank that is always being donated to and having members who need the items being donated. OfficerInformation: •Items in GBank are sold at a guild reduced price of 30% of AH price •Those prices are either seen by an Officer after deposit to Gbank for the item •OR is given to the officer and item is transferred. Regardless the pricing and deposit (regardless of it being before or after the transaction) is the responsibility of the officer handling it. •If Treasurer (i.e- Me.) is on it can be handled with them first, only if Treasurer is away/busy/offline will an officer handle the dirty work. •If it is a BOE piece the officers will have to council with either the GM or the Treasurer, or 3 or more officers must feel it should be done •Remember the more tabs we get the more organization we will have. Depositing in the Gbank makes Your treasurer happy…  It will also make all of us happy.
  9. 9. Depending on the volume the bank receives from members while they are leveling and the space we have , the Treasurer will hold a guild sale. This event will happen on a WEEKEND. (Saturday/Sunday) This is done ONLY by the Treasurer or an appointed treasurer officer (who has been officially promoted by the treasurer or GM) A guild sale will be followed after the Treasurer tried to sell the item to online members during the time of the sale If no one needs it, the item will be put onto the auction house and the profits will be put into the guild bank.
  10. 10. At first EPGP Loot Master can seem overly complicated and not worth the time. However when explained and the proper add on is used, it becomes a key and very fair tool to looting in raids.