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  1. 1. Augmented Reality for Maintenance, Repair, and Operations MAINTAIN YOUR SUCCESS WITH NEW TECHNOLOGY
  2. 2. 01Problems MRO play one of the most vital roles in the product lifecycle and are integral activities that influence customers' satisfaction. Happy customers use maintenance and repair services with pleasure and are more likely to give up their money. However, complex equipment and machinery, inexperienced newbies, outdated maintenance procedures, safety issues, bring only more potential and real problems and challenges. It is time to consider new technological solutions in the industry where everything is driven by experience, expertise, and safety.
  3. 3. 02Technological Solution Augmented reality technology is quite a find for performing of procedural tasks in maintenance, repair, and operations. The technology allows for overlaying the real world with computer-generated information, such as how-to guides to maintenance, real-time diagnostics, safety warnings, blueprints, 3D models of equipment or its parts, etc. All these elements turn any smartphone into an effective training tool, interactive manual, or educational guide. Moreover, by using real-time AR applications, collaborators and mentors can monitor and assist with procedures. Try one of our interractive training for maintenance. Push the limits of the impossible further and create a highly technological and intuitive environment with augmented reality!
  4. 4. 03Benefits “The overwhelming majority of professionals found AR applications and systems intuitive and extremely helpful and prefer to use them to improve the quality of accomplishing routine assignments.” Become a leader in the industry by taking advantage of these top-notch solutions, improving the quality of services provided, and exploring the company's potential. The mechanic's field of view is augmented with digital information that allows him/her to perform maintenance or make repairs quickly, accurately, and safely. Tasks of maintenance or repairs will be completed significantly faster and with much greater accuracy using AR compared to standard methods and even to 3D manuals or other documentation. Augmented reality supports voice and gesture recognition allowing one to simplify procedural tasks that require concentration and continuous eye contact. AR manuals and how-to guides help to grow the abundance of skilled and experienced workforce.
  5. 5. Kate Luzhyna 04About & Contacts Program-Ace, as one of the top augmented reality companies, offers custom, cost-effective AR app development services, including AR games, interactive applications, training, and more. Since 1992, we have been providing interactive visual experiences that provide a valuable contribution to our customers' business, making us one of the most stable and experienced development companies. UKRAINE WHOME TO CONTACT Phone: +38 067 578 40 46 E-mail: Skype: kate.program.ace