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Bci social mediapresentation5-2-13


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Bci social mediapresentation5-2-13

  1. 1. Successfully Attracting and Keeping Members through Social Media
  2. 2. HEADER TEXT “Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.” ~Chinese Proverb Welcome
  3. 3. HEADER TEXT • Create a strategy focused on your goals (sound familiar?) • Turn likes and follows into connections and action • Create a system so you can actually do it and succeed! Agenda
  4. 4. HEADER TEXT Demographics and Overview Background
  5. 5. HEADER TEXTImportance in Marketplace
  6. 6. HEADER TEXT 1. Most of this is not new 2. We will assume a few things and pass over those topics quickly 3. Don’t miss the message because you’ve heard it all before or are feeling badly because you aren’t already doing it all. We needed a baseline. Warning
  7. 7. HEADER TEXT the Tom Sawyer approach to Marketing™! and how it relates to your fitness club!
  8. 8. HEADER TEXT You have to honor the five basics of Marketing Strategy
  9. 9. HEADER TEXT Who What Where When How 5 Wise Men in Marketing
  10. 10. HEADER TEXT Who Did Tom Sawyer Invite or Attract? Who W H O
  11. 11. HEADER TEXT Define your perfect customer • What problems and pains do you help them overcome? • Why have they chosen you and not your competitor? • Who is NOT your customer target? ‘Who’ is your Who?
  12. 12. HEADER TEXT What did Tom Sawyer do to attract interest? What W H O W H A T
  13. 13. HEADER TEXT Your style needs to include: • WIIFM • I am important • I am special • My needs are different • I’m not old/young/buff ‘What’ for you gym?
  14. 14. HEADER TEXT Where did Tom Sawyer focus his people’s attention? Where W H O W H A T W H E R E
  15. 15. HEADER TEXT Where do you want to focus your member communications? ‘Where’ for your gym?
  16. 16. HEADER TEXT When did Tom Sawyer engage his audience? When W H O W H A T W H E R E W H E N
  17. 17. HEADER TEXT When is the best time to engage your future and current members? When
  18. 18. HEADER TEXTYour Benefit? 3 Different Trainers Offer Support Charles Appreciates It
  19. 19. HEADER TEXT Now we want to talk about the actual HOW using Social Media How W H O W H A T W H E R E W H E N H O W
  20. 20. HEADER TEXT Create Content to: attract and retain Turn Likes into Action
  21. 21. HEADER TEXT What Attracts traffic to your website and prospects now? Your Pull
  22. 22. HEADER TEXT • Focus on WIIFM • What benefits do they seek? • Why do they buy from you? Like/trust/their friends do • Cache: They look good • Also for upsell of existing members: create desire Attract New
  23. 23. HEADER TEXT Studies show that 71% of clients leave a provider, not because of an error on your part, or being lured away by a competitor, but because they can’t remember who you are and / or they feel under-appreciated. Retain
  24. 24. HEADER TEXT • Use Education to demonstrate and affirm their good choices • Help them feel appreciated in your community • Make specials available only to them Reaffirm good decisions
  25. 25. HEADER TEXT • Say something meaningful • Create ‘exercise-show-n-tell’ picture books with video or PPT • Ask for other people’s experiences • Show short videos • Give members opportunity for referral mad-money What do I say?
  26. 26. HEADER TEXT Your trainers all have phones! Take candids and fun shots Use What’s in Your Hands
  27. 27. HEADER TEXT • Volunteer for a quick photo at NEHRSA • Demo on Twitter Twitter Demo
  28. 28. HEADER TEXT 1. Keep content small & digestible 2. Base it on questions and dynamics related to your gym 3. Enlist your Trainers! 4. Encourage your members! 5. Always be flattering (video/photo) 6. Don’t reinvent the wheel: repackage and reuse! Content Creation Tips
  29. 29. HEADER TEXTUse Photos
  30. 30. HEADER TEXTDemo Buffer
  31. 31. HEADER TEXT Urban Myth says Social Media has no ROI You just have to measure what you want to know! (just like working out) Measure Results
  32. 32. HEADER TEXT • Sales ROI: fourSquare, Promotions, Social Media only Coupons • Traffic to website: Google Analytics • Community engagement: people talking about this If you want
  33. 33. HEADER TEXT • Make your own • Use someone else’s • Download ours: Create the System
  34. 34. HEADER TEXT • Easiest: Pictures and Videos • Testimonials • Random members in classes, competitions, working out • Not always your most fit • Not just you doing it! • Invite Engagement More on the system
  35. 35. HEADER TEXT • Be on the lookout for ‘blog- able’ or ‘tweet-able’ moments to capture • Try it – easy at first • Don’t be intimidated • Just do it Develop the Muscle
  36. 36. HEADER TEXT • No results? Why? • Remember Tom’s 5 wise men • WIIFM (the member) • Create community • Contribute to the Community • Educate • Stop selling (<3:1 ratio) What if it doesn’t Work?
  37. 37. HEADER TEXT Value of knowing your WHO Demo Use to gain information even if you don’t place an ad Search for your Segment
  38. 38. HEADER TEXT • Commit to creating Community • Identify your Community Czar • Develop a schedule • Delegate tasks • Invite and Engage • Keep doing it • Measure Tactical Plan
  39. 39. HEADER TEXTHootSuite Example
  40. 40. HEADER TEXT Social Strategy at work supercharge-your-social-media-marketing- strategy-with-employee-sharing/ Easier: Our sample social media HR policy Resources
  41. 41. HEADER TEXT • • • • • • • • Education and Idea Sites
  42. 42. HEADER TEXT • Determine your Strategy • Create a tactical plan • Decide. Commit. Succeed™ ( • Work your plan consistently • Turn likes into connection and action • Have fun! Become Tom Sawyer Simplify
  43. 43. HEADER TEXT Need information, help, or a free evaluation? Want More? Like us on Facebook as Business Concepts Inc