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A high-level presentation on content strategy, developed for the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS).

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Content Strategy

  1. 1. CONTENT STRATEGY FOR ONS An Overview and Ideas for Implementation
  2. 2. Why Content Strategy for ONS?  To align communication across channels so that web content, print collateral, social media, and internal knowledge management are working toward the same goals (in vehicle-appropriate ways)  To ultimately cut time and costs by reducing redundant or extraneous publishing efforts while increasing the effectiveness of existing content Kissane, E. (2011). The elements of content strategy. New York, NY: A Book Apart.
  3. 3. Content Strategy in Plain Text “Content strategy plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.” -- Kristina Halvorson CEO, Brain Traffic
  4. 4. The Which and the Why Content strategy will help ONS  Define which content will be published.  Define why we’re publishing it in the first place.
  5. 5. Content With a Purpose What is the purpose of your content?  To support a key business objective  To help a user complete a task Ideally, all published content should do one or both.
  6. 6. Content With a Place Where will your content go?  Content often must be tailored for different audiences and different platforms.  Good content offers readers or users what they need, exactly when they need it, and in the right format.
  7. 7. Content Spans the Seven Cs  Conception (what is this for?)  Creation (how will we develop it?)  Categorization (how is it organized?)  Confirmation (who will approve it?)  Changes (how will we change it?)  Community (how will it be shared?)  Consumption (how will it be used?)
  8. 8. …and sails on  Clear  Consistent  Concise  Cultivated
  9. 9. A Word on Consistency Consistency doesn’t mean that content will be presented in the same way across different channels. Content often has to adapt for the channel it’ll be consumed in. We just need to do this in a planned, thoughtful way.
  10. 10. So What’s the Plan? For the ONS website, we’ll plan for content creation, publication, and governance.
  11. 11. Content Creation Web content comes from many places in the organization.  Guidelines for voice and tone  Evaluation of purpose
  12. 12. Content Publication All published web content should follow a consistent workflow.  Follow the proper channels  Tagged appropriately
  13. 13. Content Governance Although web content comes from several sources, someone should be in charge.  Accountable for maintaining the consistency  Responsible for feeding it  Responsible for removing it
  14. 14. What We’ve Got ONS has lots of current and potential content! Articles Books Webcourse modules PEP materials Position statements Facebook posts Tweets Blogs Newsletters Product descriptions Brochures ….and much, much more!
  15. 15. Where It Goes  Printed materials  Websites  Smartphones  Tablets  E-readers
  16. 16. Who Gets It  ONS members  Staff nurses  Managers  APNs  Researchers  Nonmembers (community served)  Nurses giving chemo  Nurses with cancer patients  Other healthcare providers  Media  Partner groups and their audiences
  17. 17. What Does This Mean for You?  When You Start Your Project  Consider your audience and the various platforms you want your content to be available on, and use that to dictate your approach.  During Your Project  Think about versioning your content and adjusting it so it is suited to each platform and audience.  Use the features of each platform to your advantage.
  18. 18. Goals  Ensure all ONS content meets a business need and/or helps a user.  Enable our highly varied community served to access ONS content in a variety of ways, depending on their needs at the time.  Ensure consistency in all content.
  19. 19. Ideas for Discussion  What goals do you and your team have for content strategy?  How will this affect the way you approach the way you develop your next piece of content?  What barriers do you foresee or concerns do you have regarding content strategy?
  20. 20. References Books (and eBooks!) Halvorson, K. (2010). Content Strategy for the Web. Berkeley, CA: New Riders. Kissane, E. (2011). The Elements of Content Strategy. New York, NY: A Book Apart. Wroblewski, L. (2011). Mobile First. New York, NY: A Book Apart. Articles