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Good and Bad Advertisements

This is a collection of good and bad advertisements both in Print & TV. And this is only according to my own standards so some may or may not agree with me.

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Good and Bad Advertisements

  1. 1. GOOD & BADADVERTISEMENTS(According to my standards)Assignment:Advertising Principles & Practices
  3. 3. This is an Anti-Smoking AdvocacyAd. This is a good adfor me because it isappealing andcreative. And I easilycatch its simple yetstrong messagewhich is; If you don’twant to die, thenstop smoking.
  4. 4. This is also a good one because a laptop as light as paper issomething that I would really like to have. So the ad issuccessful in convincing me that the laptop is uniquely light.This may be exaggerated but in a creative way.
  5. 5. The Ad is simple but realistic. Realistic but itsbeautiful. Because of that it is able to carry itspurpose which is to promote the beauty of thePhilippines.
  7. 7. YUCK. This ad issuppose to be a meatadvertisement ,FOOD. But I believethat nobody wouldlike to eat afterseeing a pig choppingitself .If this is a FoodAdvertisement thenthe ad should winthe appetite of thepeople, not lose it.
  8. 8. This ad (though it may not mean it), conveys amessage that women are weak that they cannotopen a cap of Ketchup Bottle so they made iteasier so women can now open it. How Nice.
  9. 9. OUCH. The message is the Burger is extremely Bigthat you will have to open your mouth as big as muchas possible . But why does it have to be in such a verypainful illustration? Now it’s a discouragement forpeople not to eat big burgers because this can happento them.
  10. 10. GOOD TV ADS
  11. 11. Hooray for Today• I like this because the concept is verypositive and inspiring. I believe that themessage is; if you want to start your dayright then begin @ Mcdonald’s.• The ad doesn’t just advertise Mcdo butbeing positive in life. 
  12. 12. Magnum Gold• Now the message is that the Ice Creamwhich is gold is worth all the effort and allthe danger the characters faced. That ishow precious it is like real gold bars.• I like it because it is so cool, verycreative and captivating. In less than aminute they were able to tell a wholestory and made it appear like a veryexciting action movie trailer.
  13. 13. The Classic:Coke ko to!• This is one of the best Philippine TV adsfor me. It is because I witnessed howmany people were influenced by thiscommercial. It was not easily forgottenunlike the others.• It simply shows that the Ad is veryeffective in catching the attention of theaudience and is very remarkable.
  14. 14. BAD TV ADS
  15. 15. Wow Ulam• The message it conveys to me is you haveto eat wow ulam and you will becomegorgeous like Coco Martin.• This ad is unhealthy in my opinionbecause it somehow creates a negativeself-image for the audience. It makespeople think less of themselves so theywould rather be another and a “Better”person than themselves.
  16. 16. Pepsi• In my opinion, it is funny but it doesn’t haveany sense at all.• It doesn’t give emphasis to the Pepsidrink but rather to its can tab. And whenyou come to think of it, other Soda cans haveit so it doesn’t make it uniquely for Pepsi.• And children may try it.• Maybe they should give more emphasis tothe quality of the drink rather than to the cantab.
  17. 17. Biolink• This ad promotes that white skin isbetter than darker skin.• And it says that you can completely hideyour natural color using this soap. Again,negative self-image. They make peoplethink that they should hide what they trulyare.• They should just stop making people thinkthat white skin is better.