7 Top Tips to Make Social Media Work for Your Business


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Introduction to Social Media - presentation given at Let's Do Business Show in Brighton, May 2012

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  • 7 Top Tips to Make Social Media Work for Your Business

    1. 1. 7 Top Tips to MakeSocial Media Work for Your Business
    2. 2. Why is social media the current buzzword?★ “Free” marketing for business★ Network (potentially with millions) without leaving your desk★ Develop your brand online★ Build the “know, like, and trust” factor★ Beware: it’s not the “magic bullet” of marketing...
    3. 3. The Big 3: A few facts★ 131 million people on LinkedIn (15 million joined in the 3rd quarter of 2011)★ 500 million people on Twitter (10 million in the UK)★ 901 million people on Facebook monthly worldwide (241 million in Europe)★ ...are you missing out?
    4. 4. Tip No. 1: You need a strategy!★ Why do you want to use social media?★ Who do you want to connect with?★ Where do they “hang out” online?★ Which platforms will be best for you★ What will you say?★ How often?
    5. 5. Tip No. 2: Know which platforms work best foryour audience★ LinkedIn: Business to business - professional network★ Twitter: All businesses - developing conversations, building relationships★ Facebook: Business to consumer - building your brand, engaging community
    6. 6. Tip No. 3: Being authentic: people dobusiness with people★ Social media gives you the opportunity to show more than just your professional side★ What else do you want to share with people?★ Social media is about connecting for the sake of connecting not “looking for business”
    7. 7. Tip No. 4: LinkedIn - not just a static CV★ Your Profile - take time to write a professional business★ Recommendations - trusted testimonials★ Groups - share your expertise and learn from your network★ Answers - key research tool★ Keep in touch - your online database...
    8. 8. Tip No. 5: Facebook - a picture says more than athousand words★ People love photos - add to 90% of posts★ Make the most of your Cover Image - your prime real estate (change it often)★ How people view your Page - understanding the importance of the Newsfeed
    9. 9. Tip No. 6: Twitter - conversations that matter★ The 80/20 rule - how to avoid “me, me, me”★ Content is king - tweets that add value★ Engagement is queen - the art of conversation★ Sharing the love - the art of re-tweeting★ The hashtag (#) - what it means, and how to use it
    10. 10. Tip No. 7: Avoid the time drain - or how you can“do” social media in 30 minutes a day★ Automated content★ Posting between clients, or on the move?★ Social media in 3 x 10 minute bite-sized chunks★ Timesaving Tip: Hootsuite - http://hootsuite.com/★ Little and often...
    11. 11. Connect with me★ Twitter: @KateBacon★ Facebook Page: KateBaconCommunicationsGenius★ LinkedIn: KateBaconLtd★ Website: www.katebacon.com