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Sario newsletter - October 2011

  1. 1. NewsletterSlovak Investment and Trade Development Agency October / 2011American IT dreamfor Slovak companiesMore on page 7 1
  2. 2. INVESTMENT NEwSATTRACTIVE SLOVAKIASix investments that could create up to 2,000 new jobs in the engineering,automotive and electronics industry are within Slovakia’s reach.O n condition market, while some already Puchov. Its investment could of anonymity a well operate plants in Slovakia be one of the largest out informed source and want to expand. of the six new projects andstated that “details are being Based on the findings of could create jobs for aboutfine-tuned in talks with the HN daily, among the three hundred Slovaks.most of the companies”. companies that plan toSome of these companies grow is the rubber goodswould be new at the Slovak maker Continental Matador 2
  3. 3. INVESTMENT NEwS NEW JOBS N early 100 jobs are to be created in Stropkov as of January. Two investors will employ people in the reconstructed industrial zone, third investor is under discussion. One company manufactures electric meters and plans to employ about 60 people. The second investor produces plastics goods and is supposed to create 25 jobs. T he company PR Krajne is building a plant for construction components from recycled textile in the municipality of Krajne in western Slovakia. The trial operation is to begin in early 2012. The EUR 7.7-million project will create 50 new jobs. T he company Michatek plans to invest app. EUR 3.15 million in its second production plant. The project is expected to increase the number of employees from the current 130 to 200. Production in the first plant in Michalovce was launched in 2005. 3
  4. 4. ECONOMy NEwSHIGHER INCOME,HIGHER TAXESWealthy people may A flat tax may be replaced for people with monthly by a progressive tax salary over EUR 2,750 andsee their taxes rise. system; the more a 22% tax for corporations people earn, the higher with the annual profit over taxes they pay. Right-wing EUR 33 million. Robert Kicina coalition parties KDH and from the Slovak Business SDKU-DS joined the strongest Alliance warns that this may opposition party SMER-SD miss the target. He believes in this initiative. Leader of that higher taxes for the SMER-SD Robert Fico would wealthy may send a very bad like to introduce a 25% tax signal to foreign investors. 4
  5. 5. ECONOMy NEwSINVESTMENTSJuraj Miskov H is ministry sent Banska Bystrica, Zilina, Presov seven proposals and Kosice regions applied(SaS), Minister of for investment for nearly EUR 27 million.Economy wants to incentive provision to the These projects are expectedhelp investors. interdepartmental review. to create 1,096 new jobs at Companies in the Nitra, the latest within five years. 5
  6. 6. ECONOMy NEwSSLOVAKIA AUTOMOTIVE POPULARITYRULES NEWS OF BRATISLAVA STAGNATESR A enowned economic new paint shop for magazine Forbes has car bodies of the New L published this year Small Family series ondon remains the mostranking „Best country for was opened in the Bratislava favorite city amongbusiness.“ Slovakia was plant of the carmaker managers. Prague isranked no. 33 worldwide, Volkswagen. The company no longer as popular as itwhich means that compared invested in this facility EUR used to be, while Bratislavato the last year we have 100 mil. South Korean car stagnates, being the 32ndimproved our position maker Kia, operating a plant best place for doing business,about five places. Slovakia near Zilina, launched in according to a Cushmanleft behind its neighbors mid October production of & wakefield survey thatthe Czech Republic, new model Kia Venga. Kia’s compared dozens of citiesPoland and Hungary. major investment this year in the Europe. The Slovak is a new EUR 100 million capital stagnates because it plant that will manufacture still does not have enough engines. Peugeot is planning attractive conditions to pump EUR 120 million into in terms of rental rates production technology by the and quality of offices. spring 2012. New car models and production plants will create thousands of new jobs. 6
  7. 7. SARIO NEwSAMERICAN IT dREAMFOR SLOVAK COMPANIESSlovak Investment and innovative and technology- the U.S. By having these oriented companies aiming renowned experts in theTrade Development to support their future jury, SARIO wants to ensureAgency (SARIO) entry to the global market. maximum transparencylaunched a project Besides this we would like in the selection process. to enable the transfer ofcalled “Start up know-how, technology andDevelopment capital by attracting high-tech The project is financed from the state budget. The amountProgram”. investments to Slovakia“, said of EUR 40,000 has been Robert Šimončič, CEO SARIO. allocated for the program toIt aims to help Slovak be used by the end of thiscompanies to succeed at The focus group which may year including the openingthe international IT market. apply varies from already of the Slovak incubator inEight companies that will established innovative Silicon Valley, U.S. called STICsucceed in the competition and technology-oriented – Slovak Training Innovationwill go for an internship companies but the door is Centre. The first two selectedto Silicon Valley, U.S. open also for newcomers companies are going to and college students as join the program in Silicon well. The candidates will Valley in January 2012, two“The main objective of be selected by the Joint following ones next spring.this project is to create a Committee where will be The project is scheduledmechanism for the promotion present also representatives till the end of 2012.and development of Slovak of Plug&Play centre from 7
  8. 8. SARIO NEwSSLOVAKIA BUILTRELATIONSHIP IN ASIASARIO continues in its mission to attract foreigninvestors and to strengthen foreign trade.That’s why Andrea Gulová, “Signing of our mutual The Slovak RepublicDeputy CEO SARIO and the cooperation agreements wants to “return to theHead of the FDI Section is the evidence that Slovak tradition” while followingparticipated at the official entrepreneurs have the up on everything positivevisit of the President of potential to succeed in that manufacturing andthe Slovak Republic Ivan developing countries. trade mark “Made inGasparovic in Indonesia. Interesting is mainly the Czechoslovakia” onceThis trip to South-East Asia export of investment products, meant in Indonesia.was very successful, Slovakia industrial equipment andand Indonesia signed 10 assistance in building powercooperation agreements. plants and infrastructure”, said Andrea Gulova. 8
  9. 9. UPCOMING EVENTS 5th Slovak 5. Slovenská Matchmaking Fair kooperačná burza 22nd November 2011, Holiday Inn, Žilina, 22. november 2011, Holiday Inn, Žilina Slovakia Auspices: The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic Záštita: MH SR Partner region: Žilina Region, represented by Partnerský región: Žilinský región v zastúpení VÚC Žilina Self-governing Region Žilina SARIO has the pleasure to invite you to an Dovoľujeme si Vás pozvať na 5. Slovenskú international matchmaking event, kooperačnú burzu, medzinárodné which offers a unique opportunity to meet kooperačné podujatie, zamerané na under one roof the representatives of companies bilaterálne rokovania medzi podnikateľskými from Slovakia and other countries active in subjektmi. your industry sector in order to find new suppliers through bilateral negotiations and Súčasťou programu sú sprievodné podujatia your new business partners. vo forme odborných panelových diskusií a prezentácie partnerskej krajiny a partnerského regiónu. Focusing on presentation of: - bilateral negotiations between local and Cieľom podujatia je prezentovať možnosti: - subkontraktačných ponúk foreign business subjects - partnerstva subcontracting offers - tendrov partnership - voľných výrobných kapacít tenders - joint-venture available production capacities - získania kooperačných partnerov joint-venture proposals Sektorová orientácia podujatia: strojársky, This event is designed for the professionals automobilový, elektrotechnický, from engineering, automotive, electrotechnics, chemical, wood, chemický, drevársky priemysel, energy and IT. energetika a IT. 9
  10. 10. E-mail: marketing@sario.skweb: www.sario.skThis Newsletter is not in any way legally binding. SARIO does not bear any responsibility for damagecaused by inappropriate or incorrect interpretation of information hereby stated.Source of the pictures: archive SARIO, stock.XCHNG, istockphoto